Thursday, 28 August 2014

A swift and effective way of addressing rising antisemitism

The Chief Rabbi writes:

'However, in expressing strong views about Israel some people do not realise the extent to which they draw upon myths, images, fears and expressions that have a long and ugly history. Others knowingly and deliberately draw upon such rhetoric and upon the history of vile persecution. How can anyone attempt to justify disgraceful placards the like of which we have seen in pro-Gaza demonstrations in London proclaiming “Hitler should have finished the job”, or “Death to the Jews”?'

This could all be solved by a change in UK and US foreign policy. Are you prepared to propose this, Chief Rabbi?

If not, then you just want what you want without giving anything worthwhile to Muslims, and only expect and demand that the government protect you better by passing more draconian laws against hate-speech etc that would curtail all our liberties.

When people complain about this, Jews will predictably complain about antisemitism, and propose even more draconian laws against free speech and our liberties. I think I can see where this is all going.

'Hitler should have finished the job" is opinion which, however offensive, is the right of anyone in a free society to express.

"Death to the Jews", however, could be interpreted as an incitement to kill Jews, which is surely a crime.

The police could arrest the person with this placard and ask him to complete this slogan so that it becomes a complete sentence with subject and a verb.|

If this person says he only meant "I wish death to the Jews" then he is only expressing a view, if he says "I call on all Muslims to cause the death of Jews" then he would be guilty of inciting racial and religious hatred.

This would be the way to allow a proper debate without any danger of that inciting violence.

Oh, and a BBC documentary on A History of Antisemitism presented by a suitably tarted up Claire Khaw might be just the thing.  


OM said...

Guess he meant that this shit is going on all over the place.

AK said...

i guess he is saying 'why us,when its just as prevalent in other towns'!