Sunday, 24 August 2014

A test of the impartiality and the intellectual rigour of the King's Review

I have commented on the following essays on the King's Review:

  1. Why not say that unisex toilets are a manifestation of more and more men wanting to be women. Why, even UKIP is stuffed with them. Why do men want to become women?
    Is it cos they think men are lower than women?
    Or is it cos these trannies think becoming a woman is a way for them to get sex without having to pay for it?
    Anyway, feminism is not interested in empowering trannies, who are men trying to have a share of female power by becoming women and will always be regarded as interlopers by the ideologically-aware feminist.

THE KING'S REVIEW is an online magazine that brings together the best of academic expertise and current affairs journalism. Based in King's College, Cambridge, and inspired by the public contributions of fellow members such as John Maynard Keynes and Alan Turing, we continue the long tradition of a community positioned to respond to events that will not slow down to allow scholarly contemplation to catch up. We welcome submissions, whether as articles, blog posts, or suggested book reviews.
The ambition is big but the product is innovative: a magazine that blends the academic with the journalistic, tied to an institution that already has credibility, fame, and a long history of public engagement. Drawing on an international network of writers and thinkers, we will provide broad and timely coverage of important world issues while maintaining the rigour of a peer-reviewed journal.


There seems to be no study too fragmented, no hypothesis too trivial, no literature too biased or too egotistical, no design too warped, no methodology too bungled, no presentation of results too inaccurate, too obscure, and too contradictory, no analysis too self-serving, no argument too circular, no conclusions too trifling or too unjustified, and no grammar and syntax too offensive for a paper to end up in print.

Do you think my comments will be displayed, eventually?

I have offered to contribute to their magazine. Do you think I will receive a response?

I think we already know that the overwhelming number of modern graduates have been well and truly brainwashed and indoctrinated. Even if they don't believe, they have to pretend they believe in the official orthodoxy, or they will be marked down by their usually female feminist PC liberal lecturers.  

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