Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Isarelis or Palestinians - who should the British support and why?

To pretend that Muslims are backing a "dysfunctional Arab slum" that is Gaza against Israel for purely tribal reasons is to deliberately misunderstand the problem.

To pretend that this "dysfunctional Arab slum" cannot be a viable state because Muslims are in charge of it, is also to deliberately misunderstand the problem.

I do not quite see how the land allocated to the Gazans could ever be a viable state, and that is perhaps why it is a "dysfunctional Arab slum".

Still, it seems even a dysfunctional Arab slum can cause a lot of trouble.

Muslims are flexing the muscles now that they have infiltrated the West since they perceive it to be their Islamic duty to help other Muslims they see as being victims of unjust oppression.

Israel is special because it is the Holy Land and claimed by all three Abrahamic faiths.

Once it is conclusively established that Islam is the most robust, effective and advanced version, I am sure it will have beneficial repercussions throughout the world.

The Koran's verses on warfare of allowing only defensive wars will make peace more likely rather than speculative and unjust wars of liberal interventionism impelled by the commercial imperatives of Western arms manufacturers and weak politicians who don't know what they are doing and why they are doing it, and who are encouraged by corrupt advisers to continue availing themselves of the option of borrowing on interest to fund unjust and unprofitable wars and paying for their armed forces and armaments this way.

Also, the Koran's commonsense approach to enforcing the moral principles God favours of enacting it in law is obviously superior to to the Liberal Christian practice of saying one thing and doing another with the support of corrupt Christian clergymen who regard the Church only as a source of income and status while working to subvert its teachings.

If Muslims suffer, it is because they do not read or follow the Koran. The solution to that is simple: the West can show it can read it more widely and interpret it better than the brown man.

In Islam too is the opportunity for the Western man to reassert his superiority. He only has to pick it up and read it, but it seems these days he is either too emasculated by fear or crippled by pride to do so. Or, perhaps, he has simply lost the ability or desire to read a simple book written clearly, and refuses to contemplate or discuss the possibility that it could help him with his existential problems.
Indeed, he seems to prefer *not* to solve his problems rather than perform a simple task of inquiry, discussion and analysis, presumably because his pride will not allow him to admit that he has a problem in the first place, or undergo the humiliation he thinks he will experience while undergoing the process of solving it.

An admission of past error is not necessarily humiliation, and humiliation now is surely better than utter degradation later, surely?

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