Tuesday, 23 September 2014

More trouble at the mill for the BNP

Dear oh dear. What does this all mean for Adam Walker and the National Executive?

I wonder how likely this is.

8.1 The National Executive shall be comprised of:

i) the duly elected National Chairman

ii) the Administration Committee, comprising of the National Treasurer, Head
of Administration, National Nominating Officer, National Organiser and up to
two other individuals as required from time to time. These posts will be
appointed by the National Chairman. The Presiding Officer of the National
Executive shall have the right to attend and vote at any meetings of the
Administration Committee;

iii) one Regional Organiser, elected by the Regional Council, from each of the
eleven European Parliamentary regions;

iv) one Regional Chairman, elected by the Regional Council, from each of the
eleven European Parliamentary regions;

v) one Councillors' Representative, elected at an annual meeting of councillors
and elected public representatives, to be held at the Annual Conference each

vi) one Deputy Treasurer, responsible for the handling and overseeing of
Regional Funds, whether centrally controlled or devolved accounting units,
appointed by simple majority vote of the National Executive.


Anonymous said...

Unconstitutional. No leadership election can be held until the end of his term which is July 2015.

He knows the party has legacies to come in and just wants to refurbish his mansion in France, probably.

Claire Khaw said...

He must be fuming!

Anonymous said...

ANTI-SOVIET RESISTANCE GROWS. Front line report from East London

Wigton Soviet forces suffered another massive setback in the east of the capital city of Walkerstan, Londerest yesterday. The latest outbreak of open rebellion was sparked when Londerest Commissar Stephana Squiresceau (pictured below haranguing the crowd) forced his way in to a meeting of concerned activists and officials who had gathered to discuss the growing crisis.

Squiresceau, once widely respected as independent and prepared to stand up to the diktats of Walkerstan's de facto ruler Jefferovski, has made himself deeply unpopular in recent times by becoming an enforcer for the illegitimate Soviet regime.

Now totally out of touch, Squiresceau believed he could control the crowd but, faced with barracking from young dissidents recently released from regime gulag camps, the once powerful Squiresceau lost it completely, trying to shout them down and refusing to answer questions.

Only once his arrogance had turned the whole crowd against him did the ageing Commissar seem to realise the danger he was in and made a hasty retreat.

With revolutionary forces now firmly in control of the entire strategically important east of the city, and linking up with rebel bands who have already taken over many other areas, it is now unclear if the Soviet regime has any support left in the capital at all.

Faced with this latest setback, furious arguments have broken out in the Wigton Soviet's increasingly isolated northern bunker. Nominal leader Adamski Walkovovitz proposed that a relief column be sent south to rescue Squiresceau. Jefferovski and the powerful 'legalista' faction headed by Patrice Harringtonev promptly blocked the move.

Jefferovski in particular has always hated Squiresceau and also sees the crisis as providing good cover for his efforts to complete the centralization of all power in his Wigton stronghold.

Meanwhile, anti-Soviet revolutionaries in the capital are now likely to launch a final assault on Squiresceau's Enfeld Palace. The Commissar's days look numbered!

Claire Khaw said...

Whatever does this all mean?

Anonymous said...


Manchester BNP Reporting:

Around 40 activists and members gathered for the monthly Salford meeting tonight, despite the fact that someone who obviously wanted it cancelled had tipped off the Reds.
All were eager to tackle Adam Walker in the "open and honest" Question & Answer Session that RO Gary Tumulty had promised them.

So they were surprised to get there only to find no sign of Adam Walker and to be told by Chris "Alfred" Barnett that a number of long-standing activists were not going to be allowed in.

Determined to ignore such a childish attempt to dodge the issues, all present simply ignored the diktat and went in anyway.

Next, the Acting Leader gave a fine display of his exceptional leadership skills by sending Gary Tumulty's girlfriend Kay to tell the increasingly angry crowd that he wouldn't be turning up to face them but would be sending Clive Jefferson to limp down "to explain everything".
Acting leader? Yes, he's acting alright, because he couldn't lead himself out of a wet paper bag!
Then the Acting Leader (or more likely the Acting Leader's puppet master Patrick Harrington) decided that Clive Jefferson wouldn't be going to face the questions either.
At this point a local member said he was pretty sure which pub the cowardly Acting Leader and the rest of the Wigton Soviet were hiding in, so it was agreed that if they wouldn't go to talk to the members, the members would have to go to see them.

So all are now in cars and heading that way.

More news to follow!

Claire Khaw said...


Anonymous said...


"Run Rabbit. .."

The suspected bolt hole was empty but just as people were fearing that the Acting Leader and his cowardly Commissars had legged it, Clive Jefferson was spotted nearby.
As the BNP activists poured into the room, the Acting Leader literally ran out of the other door. "A bit like an old Dick Emery show, but without the frilly dresses!"

Derek Adams and other Real BNP loyalists then tackled Jefferson, who alternated with trying a bestest pals act with Big Joe Finney to threatening to break young Jack Renshaw's nose!

Jefferson at one point said that things were out of control and accepted that he and Walker "realise we have to ha e a meeting with Nick".
Nick wasn't able to be there (he has just called to say that he'll tell us why shortly) but he passed on a straightforward message through popular speaker, writer and organiser Cllr Mike Whitby:

"There will be no more secret meetings. I'll meet you for a free and fair debate in front of all BNP members who want to come - just me against Walker and Jefferson, with Barnett there to hold your hands and Pat Harrington there to give you cue cards.

"Then let the Members decide, because it's their party, not mine, and after tonight it's certainly not Adam Walker's!