Friday, 12 September 2014

Should David Cameron resign BEFORE 18 September 2014 for allowing the Scottish Referendum?

  1. Was it negligent and incompetent of David Cameron to not consider the possibility that the Scots might vote YES to Scottish Independence?
  2. If David Cameron did not want a Scottish referendum, shouldn't he have blocked it?
  3. If David Cameron could have blocked the Scottish referendum but didn't, are he and his advisers incompetent and negligent?
  4. Did you know that David Cameron could have insisted that no one below 18 can vote in the Scottish Referendum? Or that the Union cannot be dissolved until the majority of British voters over the age of 18 agree to it?
  5. Was it pointed out to David Cameron by his advisers that the 2015 General Election would have to be cancelled if there was a YES vote?
  6. Were his advisers at the time he agreed to a Scottish Referendum mostly women and homosexuals?
  7. If so, can they be said to have done a good job?
  8. Should David Cameron's advisers who were advising him at the time he agreed to the Scottish Referendum also be made to resign?
  9. Would you prefer David Cameron and his advisers to resign or commit ritual suicide?
  10. If David Cameron is not man enough to commit sepukku would you be satisfied with the female version of it?
  11. If David Cameron and perhaps one or some or all of his advisers committed ritual suicide, do you think it might make the Yessies of Scotland think again, thereby averting a national catastrophe, and making the British, who are already an international laughing stock even more of an international stock after they resume their separate national identities of being merely Welsh, English and Scottish?
  12. Has the BBC even considered whether the Scots will be paying the licence fee after Independence? 
  13. Should I now be put in charge of the NO campaign? 

If David Cameron believe the Japanese form of ritual suicide to be inappropriate to an Englishman, perhaps he will consider the Roman method of opening his veins in the bath? He is not a general so I cannot suggest the method of falling on his sword. 

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