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The Australasian Association of Philosophy disabled me from commenting on their Facebook page

when I invited them to defend feminism. may explain their attitude.

AAP Statement on Gender (2014)

Philosophy has a poor track record with regard to gender balance, both in Australasia and internationally. Compared to other Humanities disciplines, Philosophy has a significantly smaller proportion of women in continuing positions (including, in particular, senior continuing positions). For instance in Australia in 2009, females comprised only 28% of full-time continuing Philosophy staff, and the largest group of female staff (~15) were employed at the lecturer B (Lecturer) level, while the largest group of male staff (~40) were employed at the lecturer D/E (Associate Professor/Professor) level (Bishop et al, in Hutchison and Jenkins (eds.) 2013, pp. 232-3). Moreover, compared to other disciplines, Philosophy has significantly higher attrition rates for women at all levels: end of first year; end of bachelor’s degree; end of Honours year; end of higher degree by research; end of post-doctoral fellowship; and end of non-continuing position.

The AAP is concerned about this data, and is compiling a series of Notes designed to address different factors that may explain the drop off in women's participation at all levels of the profession.

AAP Note on Predatory Sexual Behaviour (2014)

One factor has been brought to particular prominence in the past twelve months by a series of distressing allegations in the UK and the US concerning predatory sexual behaviour by more senior, higher status male philosophers towards more junior, lower status female philosophers - allegations which are currently in various stages of investigation. Such behaviour can cause its targets to seriously doubt their own philosophical abilities and, in many cases, destroy their love of philosophy. The blog What It Is Like to be a Woman in Philosophy is playing a valuable role in raising awareness of how such behaviours can discourage women from pursuing our discipline. Although its evidence is anecdotal and submitted anonymously, the number and the consistency of the stories accumulating there invites serious reflection.

The AAP is extremely concerned about these matters and urges everyone engaged in philosophy in Australasia to educate themselves about the issues involved. It urges all Australasian philosophers not to engage in, or support, behaviour targeted at more junior or lower status philosophers that is (or may be perceived to be) sexually predatory. It particularly urges senior male philosophers to challenge any colleagues they feel might be engaged in predatory sexual behaviour, to offer support to any junior philosophers they perceive might be on the receiving end of such behaviour (with tact and sensitivity to their needs and wishes), and to show leadership in their own sphere of influence in creating a philosophical environment that is equally welcoming to any gender.

Does this not make you think of Oleanna?

It is a shame I cannot any longer comment because is one of the better philosophy Facebook webpages, unlike who have not even gotten round to deleting my comments.

Why don't you ask them to defend feminism too, and see what sort of a response you get?

Use any of my aphorisms at and invite them to refute, rebut or deconstruct them. The most important comment they deleted was one containing 20 of my choice pronouncements on feminism, all constructed with impeccable logic.

Imagine the corruption and cowardice of philosophers who dare not discuss the toxic ideology of feminism!  

The members who make up the Council can be found at

I have written individually to all its members inviting them to comment on their refusal to discuss feminism and look forward to hearing from them.

The committee members can be found at They are the Council members again, it seems, for the Council members are also the Committee members. Do the Council members elect and re-elect the Committee members and the Committee members elect and re-elect the Council members?

18 members: 11 women. If that is a reason not to let your son become a philosophy student, I don't know what is. Can you imagine the gender bias and the self censorship necessary for a male student to do well in philosophy and the attendant self-loathing he might feel for himself afterwards? Why, he might even become a misogynist if he perceives that to do well in his studies he must submit and pander to mediocre women who are Commies, Pinkos and Reds who only got where they got to by dint of affirmative action. demonstrates the impeccable PC credentials of the Chair of the Council. Male students cannot expect him to stick up for them, I wouldn't have thought. describes herself as "feminist, unionist, parent and vegan" and her header says "I welcome refugees and asylum seekers and I vote."

One must wonder if Nietzsche has already been banned by these feminist harridans of Oz. As you can see at he has banned by the feminist harridans of UK.

Nietzsche - banned from University College London

Poor old Nietzsche and his heroic Homeric ideals which the matriarchy now want to root out, censor and suppress while the men of Britain - the antithesis of heroism - quake and tremble in its shadow.

Imagine what would happen to Western engineering if you got women to dominate the study of physics in the universities of an entire continent. Physics also "has a significantly smaller proportion of women in continuing positions (including, in particular, senior continuing positions)." What shall we do? Stuff it with women and make sure they outnumber men in the name of affirmative action? Would planes crash and buildings and bridges collapse more often as a consequence? Who knows. Perhaps academic philosophers still capable of logical reasoning and dialectic argument can tell me.

PresidentProfessor Paul Redding
University of Sydney
Immediate Past PresidentProfessor Catriona Mackenzie
Macquarie University
Professor Graham Oppy
Monash University
Deputy Chair
Dr Tracy Bowell
Waikato University
Dr Antony Eagle
Adelaide University
Assoc. Professor Jenny McMahon
Adelaide University

Convener Standing Committee for Women and Philosophy
Dr Catherine W Legg
University of Waikato

Media Officer
Dr Katrina Hutchison
Macquarie University 

Conference Liaison Officer
Dr Patrick McGivern
University of Wollongong
Ordinary Member
Dr Joanne Faulkner
University of New South Wales

Immediate Past Treasurer
Dr Stuart Brock
Victoria University of Wellington

Ordinary Member
Professor Jeanette Kennett
Macquarie University
New Zealand Representative
Dr Adriane Rini
Massey University 

Editor of the Australasian Journal of Philosophy
Professor Stephen Hetherington
University of New South Wales

Singapore Representative
Assoc. Prof. Ben Blumson
National University of Singapore 
Student Representative
Tessa Jones
Monash University

Independent Member
Ms Petrina Coventry
B.Ed. M.Phil. (Ethics) MBA. EMBA. FAICD. FAHRI

I have already said Western philosophy is a fraud on students. Their predictable censorship of my comments bears this out.  

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