Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Trouble at the mill for the BNP

What can all this mean?

What is to be done?

There was I convinced that Nick Griffin had only appeared to stand aside but was pulling the strings from behind the scenes.

However, even the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry ...

It seems irresponsible to stand aside if there is not a worthy successor to take over, and it was pretty clear to me that Adam Walker was not up to the job for all sorts of reasons.

If it were me stepping down, I would see to it that a coronation ceremony of a worthy successor take place before doing so.

A selection of comments by nationalists:

Mark Collett:

After reading Griffin’s frankly hilarious 36 page document on ‘why the BNP is in a dire state’, I have to make the following observations. Every single operation he criticises was fully endorsed by him – they were failures when he was leader, so how can he claim the blame now lies with others? But most crucially, every single person he is attacking was hand-picked by him and were the greatest thing since sliced bread! If all the operations and individuals he attacks are actually that bad, then by his own words he is a total failure and utterly useless as a leader as he set them up and put them in place. The man is delusional!

Arthur Kemp:

Two further comments to Mark's succinct summary: (1) All the things Griffin is now complaining about (being left with credit card debt, pathetic website, being shut out by a "clique", outsider "non-nationalist" staff managers, etc. etc. are all things that he did to other people ALL the time. Karma is a bitch.

And then I won't even mention the clearly criminal attempt he made to frame Richard Barnbrook into bankruptcy with fraudulent invoices for the Barking election expenses--which was a clear an insight as one could hop to find into both his and Clive Jefferson's utterly deviant criminal minds.

The other issue to bear in mind here is why would Griffin have committed all this to writing, and then emailed it to the executive council. It was impossible that it would not be leaked. And he knew that. So why do it?

My guess is that Griffin has done this on purpose. Having smashed the party through his incompetence, greed, amateurish political buffoonery and criminality, he now wants to stomp on the pieces to administer the coup de grace, as he did with the NF in the 1980s. Then, he can start a new party and emerge as a new "leader" and start the con all over again. That's my guess for this move.

John Mccaffrey:

Arthur could well be right in regard to Griffin wanting to give the coup de grace to the BNP. Maybe he thinks he can get control of the BNP back through rebellion . Allegedly there is several million pounds coming in from wills. This is what the fight is all about. As Griffin said, Jefferson has complete control of all money. In fact from what Griffin said Jefferson could legally walk away with the lot. It is going to be interesting. 

Arthur Kemp:

Frank Hogarth is the auditor from the party's auditing firm, Silver and Co., and has been for many years. 

Derek Adams on 18 September 2014:

On the 11th September I received a telephone call from Chris Barnett warning me not to post anything regarding the leaked Nick Griffin report, this was due to me joining Mick Braun’s group on facebook and posting comments requesting an EGM.

In an attempt to do things properly and to save the party from any damage the leaked report could cause, I, along with other members sent in a request to the Temporary Acting Chairman on the 16th Sep 2014, it was also forwarded to BNP Admin, since that time there has not been any replies, not even an acknowledgment of receipt.

This is not leadership, this is cowardice; the membership of this party have a right to be involved in the debate regarding Nicks report, it reveals some very serious issues indeed, some of which had already been noted by members.

The next NEC meeting is not until the end of November and in any case with several NEC members’ openly saying that Nick’s report is all lies then it is hardly likely to get a fair hearing.

They have already decided that it’s all lies.

Clive Jefferson told me that he can prove that Nick’s report is lies in which case it would be a good idea to call an EGM, show the membership this proof and end this ridiculous situation before it causes fatal damage to our party.

There is no reason whatsoever to deny the membership their EGM, the report is now public, that can’t be altered, membership are asking questions regarding the allegations contained within the report, that can only spread and most people will have no faith in any verdict if this is heard by the NEC behind closed doors.

Show true leadership Mr. Temporary Acting Chairman, call an EGM now.

The report by Nick Griffin raises issue regarding the running, or indeed running down of the BNP website by possible traitor Chris Barnett, this becomes apparent today when there is no mention of the Scottish referendum, no appeal to keep the Union together no call to keep Scotland in Britain; even though we are called the British National Party.

Is this a mistake or a deliberate rebuttal to our Scots members?

Maybe the Temporary Acting Chairman and other leadership had not noticed the omission, didn't know there was a referendum or maybe they have cut off all communication with the outside world just in case anyone uses a three letter word at them. EGM.

The running down of the site is quite obviously true so therefore the claims by certain NEC members that the report is all lies cannot be taken seriously; as they have made this claim, months before its due to be debated behind closed doors, they cannot be trusted by the membership to debate this issue; we need an EGM.

Now we can see that part of this report is indeed true then maybe all of it may well be true, this really does need debating by the membership. 

The ‘dodgy dossier’ dealt with


David Kensella said...

This is really getting out of hand now; this report written by Nick Griffin has been out in the public domain for a couple of weeks and the leadership are still silent on the issue, they have not even refuted any of the serious allegations contained within the document.

This is not leadership, we are, as a party in effect leaderless; no one is taking responsibility or acting to quell the discord; Adam Walker, our unelected Temporary Acting Chairman, stated that he would ‘lead from the front’, well Adam your time has come to take charge and do what you implied you would do.

It is time to both refute Nick Griffin’s report and supply the membership with proof that it is all lies or to give the membership their right to an Emergency General Meeting right now and before this crisis escalates.

If Adam’s leadership style is going to be, ignore everything and hope it goes away, then I only hope we have other contenders for the election of a permanent Chairman next year.

Come on now Mr. Temporary Acting Chairman, give us our Emergency General Meeting, after all this is an emergency.

Senātus Populusque Rōmānus said...

It's shocking the way they have treated nick griffin . They pushed him out of the party leaving him with all the debts . Je££erson

Claire Khaw said...

It does seem as if the oiks in the BNP have killed their golden goose that is public school boy Nick Griffin.

He really was the only person who came across as educated, articulate, and even clubbable but for his political party.

It is pitiful how the lumpenproletariat do not understand the workings of their own class system. It does look that the BNP will go the way of the NF from the look of things. NF members were unable to even stand as NF members in this year's local elections because their former leader refused to release the documentation necessary for registration.