Monday, 22 September 2014

What the LibLabCon and UKIP should be discussing


Bargains to be made:

1. In return for most women wanting to be mothers and housewives getting what they want, women must agree to repeal the Equality Act 2010 and agree to abolish no-fault divorce

2. In return for most women no longer competing with men in the workplace and being sluts and SSMs, men will agree to respect marriage. (Respecting marriage means agreeing to forbid extramarital sex.)

3. In return for the cessation of the importation of immigrant labour, the working classes agree to repeal employment protection legislation to facilitate easier hiring and firing.

4.  The political establishment agreeing between themselves that the voters would be happy with a 20% flat rate tax as long as it allows the working man to support his wife and family one one wage. Those who dislike this idea would be NEETs, SSMs, the welfare-dependent as well women in non-jobs in the public sector ie the unproductive. It is anticipated that the most productive and enterprising sections of society would love this idea.

5.  Foreign policy

US foreign policy is UK foreign policy
Frank Field proposes a one-party state.

How MPs can abolish the party whip and get a pay rise

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