Thursday, 25 September 2014

Was Anjem Choudary arrested for tweeting in a terroristic way?

Was it because of these tweets?

There is some weird conspiracy theory amongst Muslims that Anjem Choudary is a state agent though.

"Anjem serves his white masters well."

"Another puppet on parade."

"His exposure is generated by his paymasters."

However, I think this is only terrified Muslims trying as hard as they can to dissociate themselves from him. I think he means exactly what he says for the reasons he says.

I also join him in not condemning terrorism.

Why condemn the effect when you should be condemning the cause?

Why condemn the bullet when you provoked the gunman?

Why condemn the hornets who stung the stirrer of their nest?

Should a doctor condemn the symptoms while stubbornly refusing to diagnose the illness?

As Mao said, "To investigate a problem is to solve it." Our politicians do not want to solve the problem of war and terrorism because they want to promote British arm sales, which thrive in times of war and revolution.

Below are the three possible positions you can have on terrorism:

1. Supporting Terrorism

Being guilty of acts that would assist terrorism or being a terrorist yourself, eg donating money to terrorist organisations, becoming a member of one, recruiting new members etc.

2. Refusing to Condemn Terrorism 

Why would anyone refuse to condemn terrorism? In order to make a point. I believe that all terrorism is the result of bad government policy, and merely condemning terrorism distracts us from condemning what we really need to condemn ie government policy. This can be done peacefully, and without resorting to violence, and I urge all of you who object to the government policy of perpetual war to join me in not condemning terrorism.

3. Condemning Terrorism

What would be the point of condemning terrorism? It would be like condemning war, or murder, or rape, robbery or theft or complaining about getting wet when it rains.

So now you know why I don't condemn terrorism.

I don't condemn it because I dislike the making of empty gestures and the saying of empty words.

I would rather discuss the government policy that caused the terrorism complained of.

Why did YouTube remove the second installment of John Cantlie's critique of Western foreign policy?

BBC Radio 4 Today news values: why talk about Western foreign policy as the UK prepares to bomb Iraq again when you can talk about hip hop?

Peter Hitchens tries to make sense of UK foreign policy. Its raison d'etre explained by Claire Khaw


C Rehill said...

Are you now with UKIP? As for Anjem, fine line betwixt free speech and incitement.

Claire Khaw said...

I am with UKIP in the sense that I intend to vote for them in GE 2015.

I cannot see from these tweets what he could have incited. He was just commenting on a fait accompli as far as I can tell.