Thursday, 4 September 2014

Will Self thinks he is better than George Orwell

The virtue of having a clear and grammatical style is that whatever you wrote will continue to be read,  understood and enjoyed by posterity.  Ask Homer, Pliny The Younger and Virgil, if you don't believe me.

Self already knows that he will be forgotten or only held up as a good-bad example of the dishonesty and intellectual vacuity as well as the moral bankruptcy that so characterises the Liberal Left of the early 21st century demonstrated at .

An English genius of The Old School and a BBC-approved hack of the Liberal Left


RF said...

My take on this Self character vs Orwell. When you have nothing to say you say nothing as unclearly as possible. When you have a great, profound message to pass along you say it clearly and concisely.

AK said...

will self had always been a revolting little runt

RF said...

1984 and Animal Farm are immortal books. They will be read a thousand years from now with enthusiasm and wonder. Will Self's books will be ignored ... oh wait, wrong verb tense...are ignored even today. Fuck your Self, Will

Claire Khaw said...

"No surprise that Will Self, former druggie, liberal bigot and BBC favourite, has attacked George Orwell.

Mr Self, whose twirling, pretentious sentences are like a tangle of wiring in a dusty drawer, calls the author of Animal Farm a ‘mediocrity’. Well, if Orwell was a ‘mediocrity’, I don’t know where that leaves Mr Self.

Orwell was a patriotic, liberty-loving socialist who learned to loathe most of his Leftist comrades. His writing – unlike theirs – was as clear as a newly cleaned windowpane. That is because he, unlike them, refused to lie for the cause, and admitted its faults. They loathed him for it when he was alive, and they always will loathe him for it."

Eric Blair said...

I've heard of George Orwell, but who is Will Self?