Thursday, 30 October 2014

A philosophical discussion on the value of life and what makes a psychopath a psychopath

Dennis Nilsen is my favourite psychopath, because he once said something very thought-provoking.

A late friend of mine visited him in prison and often referred to him as "Dennis" when talking about him to me. It was a kind of name-dropping, I suppose. Her great great whatever grandfather was the Earl of Rosebury who was Prime Minister for a year. She told me Dennis never accepted that he had done anything wrong because not one of his victims was reported missing.

This means no one even noticed that they were missing, or if they noticed they didn't care.
So what wrong had he done by murdering them?

Even if he had not murdered them they would not escape death forever, since death comes to all of us.

If his victims could sue him they could not sue him for causing them death because they would have died anyway.

If they could sue him they would be suing him for depriving them of their lives sooner than they otherwise would have died.

But, what is the value of the enjoyment that cruising queers get out of life to anyone else in society? Nothing. Zilch. They would not be missed and were not missed.

Ergo it would not have been in the public interest to compensate them at all, because their lives were in fact to all intends and purposes worthless.

Therefore Nilsen did not think he had done anything wrong.

Therefore he should have been allowed to carry on cruising and killing gay men who are not missed when they are murdered, because no harm is done to society at all, is there?

Please do not report this for hate-speech, even if you are a libtard, because this post was inspired by a discussion about psychopaths. Instead, why don't you answer this question and explain to Dennis Nilsen

(a) why you think he was wrong to what he did and

(b) how society would be harmed if all the people whom no one cared enough to report missing were murdered by him and others like him.

(I already know what to say to him to tell him why he is wrong, of course, but I want to see if any of my readers can work this out on their own.)

Dennis Nilsen's mum talks about her son. Did she fuck him up? If so, why is she being treated with such deference? Cos she is a woman? Can you imagine Dennis's dad giving such an interview and being treated with such deference by the interviewer? Of course not, don't be so fucking stupid.

One must always remember that motherhood doesn't begin when the bastard is born, but when the female allowed a male to impregnate her. If she chose to fuck a criminal psychopath and her bastard is also a criminal psychopath why shouldn't she be blamed?

What and who is a psychopath?

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