Thursday, 9 October 2014

Graduality means being gradually turned into a society of sluts, bastards and single mothers without anything effective being done by the Church

Jonathan Bowden:

"I believe that people can be as Christian as they want culturally, but they should be ethically pagan. They should look at the Greco-Roman and Nordic world. They should learn more about their history, culture, and civilization. They should be less dualist. They should adopt stronger and more articulate formulations that will mentally toughen them up a little bit. All of these things are available. The philosophers who advocate many of these things, Schopenhauer (a little bit), Kierkegaard (yes and no), Nietzsche (very much), they’re all in Waterstones. They’re not secret. They’re not banned. They’re not hidden away. If you want it you can go and find it, but it’s got to exist in you first."

It's not going to happen, is it? Secular Koranism is more likely to happen than this, and you know it.

We know what the problem is: the desecration of the institution of marriage which cannot be fixed by the rotten corpse of Catholic Church, because the majority of the West are sluts, feminists, atheists, bastards, SSMs and MCSFs, and they will not be listening to a bunch of paedo priests who claim to believe in a deity whose existence they have mocked ever since they could remember. will give you an idea of the platitudes Catholics are mouthing.

Graduality is the latest buzzword.

Nichols said one recurring theme so far is the theological notion of "graduality," meaning that Catholics may sometimes grow toward adherence or understanding of church teaching throughout their lives.

"It's a law of pastoral moral theology which permits and encourages people, all of us, to take one step at a time in our search for holiness in our lives," Nichols said.

"There is a pathway by which we all walk, and I think some of the foundations for the development of that notion have been mentioned already in the first days" of the synod, he said.

What does it all mean?

It is just the Church getting read to fudge the issue, saying "Let us agree to disagree", "Each to his or her own", "We mustn't say anything about morality lest we be accused of being paedo priests, and generally shutting up about morality basically, as long we keep our jobs and get bums on pews, which is how the Anglican Church also operates."

Nature abhors a vacuum, and Christianity is now a moral vacuum. Into this vacuum will move Islam. 

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