Wednesday, 1 October 2014

By expelling Nick Griffin, the BNP have committed regicide

27 September 13:47
Adam Walker must be getting pretty desperate to hang on to his temporary job as Acting Chairman.

He has now taken our constitution and is changing parts that don’t suit him; he is changing the rules regarding leadership elections so that we won’t get a leadership election and he will continue using the title he has already awarded himself, Chairman.

A job as Chairman of the British National Party is a demanding one, even when you are merely an acting one, so what makes someone in Adam’s position continue to ignore calls for transparency, a leadership election and an EGM.

The Nick Griffin report makes some serious issues regarding wills left to the party and the members have a right to debate this issue, the longer Adam holds off from calling an election and an EGM the more suspicious the situation regarding these wills looks to the membership.

This is doing the party no good at all; the party could be saved right now by holing an election for a new Chairman, or are the allegations regarding wills true?

27 September 11:36
It is disgraceful that Adam Walker has chosen to change our constitution without reference to the party members, and without proper authority.
In a part of the constitution, section 6, which the duly elected Chairman was authorised to change, the crooks that are hijacking our party have amended it with this little gem.
6.4 The power to appoint a President and a Deputy Chairman. In the event 
that the Chairman resign his position before an election is held the Deputy
of the next Chairman shall become Acting Chairman until the date scheduled
election. The Acting Chairman shall have the same powers under this
Constitution as would the Chairman and will be referred to (for convenience) as
“the Chairman”.
This has been added in an attempt to give legitimacy to Adam Walkers claim to be party Chairman, it also denies the members their leadership election contrary to section 8.6 which clearly demands for a leadership election in the event of a Chairman stepping down.
I would still dispute that the last NEC meeting was legitimate as the NEC members have still not received a copy of the minutes of that meeting; they are probably still falsifying some right now, section 8.5 of the constitution clearly deals with this.
8.5 The National Executive shall, each year, by simple majority vote, appoint from its own ranks a National Secretary who shall prepare agendas and arrange meetings and ENSURE that minutes are taken.
(What is the point in minutes if they can’t even be seen by those that attended the meeting?)
We have built this party up to become an immediately recognised name in British politics, are we now going to allow a bunch of greedy criminals to tear it apart?
Demand that we hold an EGM.
Demand that any changes to our constitution since the last NEC are repealed.
Demand an immediate leadership election.
We can no longer stand by whilst they destroy our party.

27 September 12:37
right so this is the amended version
6.4 The power to appoint a President and a Deputy Chairman. In the event that the Chairman resign his position before an election is held the Deputy Chairman shall become Acting Chairman until the date of the next scheduled election. The Acting Chairman shall have the same powers under this Constitution as would the Chairman and will be referred to (for convenience) as “the Chairman”.
Page 33 of 96  
6.4.1 A power to determine, and where necessary change, all organisational structures within our Party and to determine all rules and procedures whereby such structures are governed.
6.4.2 A power to determine all routine executive, administrative, policy and tactical decisions made by our Party.
28 September 11:02
The last NEC meeting was held on the nineteenth of July 2014, at this meeting Chairman Nick Griffin was forced out of office by some members of the EC, the removal of an elected Chairman, elected by the whole of the membership, should not be decided by a few EC members.
After Nick Griffin was deposed as Chairman, a report on corruption within the Bnp which should have been investigated as a matter of urgency was sent to the Acting Chairman and EC members, they decided to put on hold even debating the report until late November when its scheduled to be heard, behind closed doors and by unelected by NEC members.
Those debating it are to be the same NEC that replaced our elected Chairman; NEC members are also claiming the report to be all lies long before even debating the issue.
In the document which was leaked online and written by Nick Griffin, he asks why the minutes of that EC meeting had not been sent out weeks later, he requests that those minutes be released immediately; Other EC members have also complained that they have still not received the minutes even now.
In light of the fact that three months down the line the minutes have still not been provided, I think that EC meeting should be declared null and void and a new one called immediately with Nick Griffin resuming his role as Chairman; if at that meeting threats are made towards him then he should call a leadership election and let the membership decide.
The BNP Constitution provides for the keeping of minutes at meetings as can be seen below and any produced now for that meeting will be suspect, after all how are attendees meant to recall exact words spoken three months earlier.
8.5 The National Executive shall, each year, by simple majority vote, appoint from its own ranks a National Secretary who shall prepare agendas and arrange meetings and ENSURE that minutes are taken.
(What is the point in minutes if they can’t even be seen quickly and disputed if necessary by those that attended the meeting?)


Letter from Nick Griffin to Adam Walker - 28/9/14, 11:32 PM 

It is now over two months since I told you about the huge potential threat to the security and indeed survival of the BNP.

This is the result of Clive Jefferson's refusal to respond either to me, or to the Trustee in my bankruptcy, over the party legal debts (some genuine, some in my opinion inflated and contestable) that led to me being declared bankrupt.

There is no way of getting away from the fact that I was bankrupted over BNP legal bills. As a result, on the wording of the Constitution and basic bankruptcy law, the trustee now 'owns´ my right to an indemnity from party central funds for such bills.

The various self-proclaimed 'creditors', include the Belfast printer who was jailed for reacting to being at loggerheads with Clive Jefferson by sending a carload of thugs to try to drive my daughter and son-in-law off the road.

With the Trustee's own fees (hundreds of pounds per hour) and genuine and bogus creditors all taken together, the reality is that Clive Jefferson's boast that "the BNP is debt-free has largely been achieved by dumping those debts on me personally - and they total around £300,000!

This presumably is one reason for the absurd and thoroughly Stalinist decision to airbrush my court battles out of the accounts of the BNP's fight to expose Muslim grooming gangs.

Be that as it may, the BNP is not 'debt-free' at all. Because the Trustee in Bankruptcy now owns not just everything he can seize from me - he also owns the constitutionally prescribed right of any BNP Chairman to an indemnity for debts incurred or imposed on behalf of the party.

Far from being 'debt-free', the BNP is very soon going to be smashed with a demand for over £250,000. Once the additional costs of the Trustee, legal bills and Official Receiver (see below) are included, the total could easily spiral to nearer £500,000.

You will recall that I explained to you that the problem was still not insoluble, and that the party should approach the matter in two ways:

The first was that you should order the Treasurer, Clive Jefferson, to find and give to the Trustee the waiver document that I signed several years ago.

This would provide the Party with good legal grounds to resist his claim (as you know, I tried repeatedly to get Clive to do this during the last two months of my leadership, and met only evasion). Since this has not been done it would appear that no such legal defence exists.

The second line of belated defence, therefore, is that the Trustee has a duty on behalf of genuine creditors to examine carefully all claims and to knock out unsubstantiated ones. In order to do so, however, he needs the co-operation of the National Treasurer, who in turn needs to work with me to go through each claim, invoice etc and provide evidence that some are bogus or inflated.

This could reduce the amount that is going to have to be paid if the BNP is to survive to something manageable. And such co-operation would facilitate an agreement with the Trustee for staged payments to be made over a period, which the party would be able to make and still survive. The golden eggs wouldn't have to be too large to persude him not to wring the BNP's neck!

Both you and Clive Jefferson, sadly, continue to stick your heads in the sand and over many months have not acknowledged my communications or even returned my phone calls, let alone done anything about it.

All you have done is to insert a couple of revisions into the new version of the Constitution that you had ready to publish on the same day that you took over as Acting Leader, 19th July.

Written by Pat Harrington, the main line of ´defence´ on which you appear set to try to rely is that you have given yourself the purported power to declare that any chunk of "central funds" aren´t "central funds" at all.

Leaving aside the questions of probity such a declaration would raise, I can tell you that this clause is childish nonsense. The best that can be said for it is that the Trustee may be more amused than annoyed at such a pathetic attempt to block his enormous legal powers.

I cannot believe that Pat Harrington actually thinks for one minute that this new clause will help in any way. Whatever else has so often been said about him, Pat has a very good legal brain - that is a key reason why I valued him as an advisor, albeit one who had to be kept in check. So what he´s playing at with this nonsense I do not know, but can tell you that it is a waste of paper.

Let us suppose that there is a bank account containing a large sum of money from a recent bequest to the BNP. It doesn´t matter where the account is or what it is called, or how Mr Jefferson used his power as Executor to vary the will and squirrel away somewhere else money left to the BNP or to him on behalf of the BNP. You as Acting Leader still 'own' that money on behalf of the party.

So if you give it away by declaring that it now isn´t within reach of the Trustee, he will use the same law that prevents a wealthy husband going bankrupt from giving the house to his wife. The Trustee will simply overturn the ´gift´ and take the lot.

To do so, of course, he needs control of the Party´s accounts and operation. So even if the money is not there, or even if it has been squirreled away in a hole in the ground, he will move in and use his powers to collect as much information as possible to find out what has come in, what there now is and where, and what happened to funds which have come in and gone out again.

I have spoken now with two businessmen with practical, professional experience of the application of UK bankruptcy laws. Given that the Trustee was appointed in the early spring, both have expressed surprise that he has not ALREADY applied for a Court Order to impose an Official Receiver on the BNP.

I am also sending a copy of the latest letter to me from the Trustee. You will note that at the end of page 2 he confirms his intention to claim against the party - and that Clive Jefferson has refused to answer his communications.

Thanks to the BNP debts dumped on me, I have had the misfortune of having to deal with him and his firm for months now and I can assure you that it is no idle threat. He is a very professional and thorough operator in a seriously big firm.

The fact that the Trustee has been slow in advancing his claim against the party up until now may be due to the unusual circumstances of his having to deal with the totally new problem of seizing the personal assets and salary and redundancy payment of an MEP.

By the end of this year I will, as you know, be personally out of pocket to the tune of some £50,000 as a result of the Trustee seizing my severance pay, out-of-pocket expenses reclaims from the European Parliament and money in my and Jackie´s joint account.

You and Clive Jefferson have clearly decided that it´s a good idea to leave me and my family hanging out to dry, but do not be misled into thinking that the Trustee´s legal problems dealing with EP rules have done anything more than delay the time when he comes after the BNP for the rest.

Let me put this in very simple words and in six basic bullet-point facts for you:

* One day before the end of the year, quite possibly within weeks, you will find that neither you nor Clive Jefferson nor Frank Hogarth control the BNP, its bank accounts, offices, computers, vehicles and assets right down to the last pencil.

* Overnight, the whole party, including assets held in its various subsidiaries and fronts, will be seized by a Court-appointed Official Receiver. What you have in effect now seized from the members by refusing to face a leadership election will in turn be seized from you.

* Everything will be frozen while he and his staff take over the office and do a first sweep through the computers and records.

* He will then decide whether the operation should be kept running as a "going concern" from which he can extract money for the Bankruptcy Trustee. All this work will of course be added to the legal bill at a rate of four figures every hour.

* If he finds a pot of legacy gold, he will take far, far more than the genuine debts could have been settled for had you only listened to common sense and followed my advice.

* If he doesn´t find enough to pay off the Trustee, he will wind the party up. You and all other paid staff will all receive 'with immediate' effect redundancy notices. If you or any of the Treasury staff obstruct him or lie to him, you will probably end up in prison. Once the Receiver begins his in-depth forensic examination of the party records, he will soon find anything you have tried to hide. Any assets bought privately with 'redirected' BNP money will face sequestration.

Thanks to your actions and inactions, the BNP is about to be thrown into a death spiral.

With income and activity already slashed to the bone as members´anger over your various misjudgements and petty tyranny rises, the news that the party´s entire admin staff have been replaced in their posts by a team from the Official Receiver will instantly cut income to zero.
Once income is Zero, the Receiver will simply declare the whole thing unviable and wind it up.
Well done, Adam, it will have taken you about four months to become the first ´leader´in British political history to have ´his´party destroyed by a winding up order.
The trouble, of course, it that it is not ýour´party. It is a great collective creation, the property of all those individuals who have sacrificed so much - time, money, comfort, security, physical well-being and countless relationships - to build it.

The tragedy is that all that sacrifice is now set to be in vain, because the way you have mishandled it will have turned a big problem that could have been dealt with, into an utter and almost certainly fatal disaster.

This issue is so deadly dangerous and urgent that I am not going to give you the chance to deflect attention from it by addressing, as I could in detail, the way in which you and Pat Harrington have forged a constitutional amendment to deny the members their right to a leadership election.

You have altered a section of the Constitution that you have the power to change, in order to block the obligation to hold an immediate leadership election which exists in S.8.1 which you do NOT have the power to change.

This is nearly as untenable legally as Pat Harrington's similarly too-clever-by-half efforts to make things difficult for the Trustee. Since his axe will fall on your regime long before any challenge could be brought to your attempt to deny the members their rights, I am advising those who would otherwise launch and win such a challenge not to waste their time and money.

It will be far better employed in building the replacement that will have to be created once you and yours have destroyed the BNP.

Kipling is as apt as ever:

"If you can bear to see the words you've spoken,
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools
And see the things you gave your life to broken,
And stoop and build them up with worn out tools...."

If needs be, I and many others like me will do just that.

There is still just possibly time to avert catastrophe, but it would require you to act as a true leader, instead of like a petulant schoolboy caught with his hand in a sweet jar.

You must engage with the Trustee and strive to buy time for money to come in with which to do a deal with him.

You should take action to rebuild the goodwill you have thrown away, starting by removing Pat Harrington as de facto leader, and Clive Jefferson as de facto owner, of the BNP.

Then call the overdue Leadership Election. If the members see that you accept that it is their party, they will move Heaven and Earth to save it.

If they see that you regard it as your personal property, and that you continue to refuse to listen to reason, they will leave you to sink without trace.

You may feel no duty to our members, but I do. Starting with the duty to tell them the truth about the gravity of the situation.

So I will not sit around and wait for the reply that, on previous form, you probably won't send. Nor will I take any notice of your repeated threats of 'disciplinary' action.

I am giving you till tomorrow evening to call me and agree a serious plan to work together to sort out the shambles you have created.

If you fail to do so, I will send this letter to every local official in the party. Because it's their party - and the members have the right to know!

Yours sincerely

Nick Griffin
President, British National Party

Nick Griffin, the former Chairman of the British National Party (BNP) has been expelled from membership.

A Conduct Committee established by new Party Chairman, Adam Walker took the step in a letter to Mr Griffin today.

The Conduct Committee stated:

We believe that since being given the title of honourary President, you have put all your efforts into trying to cause disunity by deliberately fabricating a state of crisis. The aim of this was to again embroil the BNP in factionalism designed to destabilise our Party.

This has included:

• Preparing a ‘report’ which tells lies about key Party personnel and finances and approving the leak of these damaging and defamatory allegations onto the internet.
• Harassing members of BNP staff and in at least one case making physical threats
• Bringing the Party into disrepute through public statements
• Publishing, causing to be published or being reckless as to the publication of untrue allegations against the Party in the form of e-mails giving a false account of your bankruptcy situation
• Disobeying legitimate, constitutional instructions given to you by our Chairman, Adam Walker aimed at preventing damage to the reputation and unity of the Party.

Mr Jefferson of the conduct committee stated:

"This has been a difficult decision to make and not one taken lightly. Although we all appreciate that Nick has achieved a lot for our Party in the past, we must also remember that the Party is bigger than any individual.

"Nick did not adjust well to being given the honourary title of President and it soon became obvious that he was unable to work as an equal member of the team and alarmingly his behaviour became more erratic and disruptive."

Mr Griffin had been Chairman of the BNP for fifteen years until leaving his position following an Executive Council meeting in July.

Mr Griffin had previously lost his seat as a Member of the European Parliament and has been declared personally bankrupt due to a series of legal bills he ran up over several years as a result of both pursuing and defending a series of long-running cases.

At nearly 2.00 o’clock in the afternoon, Charles was led to the scaffold which was covered in black cloth. He had asked to wear thick underclothes under his shirt as he was very concerned that if he shivered in the cold, the crowd might think that he was scared. Charles gave a last speech to the crowd but very few could hear him. He said:

"I have delivered to my conscience; I pray God you do take those courses that are best for the good of the kingdom and your own salvation."

It is said that when he was beheaded a large groan went up throughout the crowd. One observer in the crowd described it as "such a groan by the thousands then present, as I never heard before and I desire I may never hear again."

Even in death, Charles found no dignity. Spectators were allowed to go up to the scaffold and, after paying, dip handkerchiefs in his blood as it was felt that the blood of a king when wiped onto a wound, illness etc. would cure that illness.

Who will front the BNP now?

Is Adam Walker up to the job?

Nick Griffin is at least a public schoolboy with a law degree from Cambridge - a prerequisite for getting anywhere in British politics these days, all the more so for a party like the BNP known for its plebeian membership.

Adam Walker may be go down well with the grassroots ranting about Muslim grooming, but the secret of politics is not just preaching to the converted. Poor old Nick, he should have known that in politics to stand still is to drown, but he was content just appealing to the grassroots and no more, because he thought he had nationalism sewn up and could tread water till his retirement before handing over the leadership to his daughter as if the BNP were a family firm and he senior partner. But even the plebs know when they see that things are not progressing as they should be, when they look at how well their Continental counterparts are doing.

Clearly, Nick Griffin did not manage to ensure the loyalty of his praetorian guard.

The test of Adam Walker's mettle is when he is chased by the media to comment on the expulsion of Nick Griffin. That will be when the members see what he is made of, and I don't think they will be impressed somehow.

The best analysis so far, in my opinion.


Mark Collett said...

If this morning you think you can hear laughter on the wind, indeed you can. For it is my laughter that echoes on the breeze! Last night Nick Griffin was expelled from the BNP. What a fitting end for the man who destroyed nationalism’s best chance to free this nation. To see him end his ‘career’ in such disgrace is small solace for those he expelled and ripped off. But nonetheless, what he did to so many has now been done to him. He should never be allowed to be involved in any movement again – let alone be allowed to go anywhere near organisational funds. He should be banished for the remainder of his pitiful life and be remembered for the morally and financial bankrupt coward that he is.

Julian Leppart said...

Bad news in my opinion. With NG gone, many ex-members who left because of him may now be tempted to re-join, in the false hope of the party now having better election prospects - it doesn't. These good people's talents and efforts will then be lost to the only sensible way forward, which is the British Democratic Party.

Angela Marnell said...

Gutted , think he's great

Mark Collett said...

You must be smoking crack. He single handedly destroyed the BNP. He is a disgusting man who cannot be trusted with money and more tellingly, in 15 years of running the BNP was not left with a single friend on the party's ruling body. What a damning indication of his personality.

Angela Marnell said...

The most knowledgable and fantastic speaker I have ever heard ,, no one will be able to top him , there's no one who could speak to his audience like he could ,, no one

Mark Collett said...

a bankrupt, a man that squandered 5 years in the European Parliament, a man that ran up over £700,000 of debt for the BNP, a man that expelled or drove out nearly every single one of the party's key staff, a man that took the BNP from having 57 councillors, 1 GLA member and 2 MEPs to a party with just two councillors. Yes, his skills were so wonderful, really the state should give him a golden handshake!

Stephen Fyfe said...

I agree with you Angela. When I first joined, he was a truly inspiring gem of a chap! Sadly, it wasn't reflected in the way he behaved later on! The saddest part is of course the loss of a very promising organisation indeed.

Natalie Rogan said...

Angela anybody can rehearse a speech ... But when he was questioned he fell apart - question time was awful to watch

Mick Sharpe said...

I voted twice against him, we had everything in our grasp, but the only interest Gri££in had was his best friend 'GREED'..A real-life pirate indeed!.

Charlotte Lewis said...

Is Adam Walker the right man to restore faith in the BNP though....?

Andrew Howarth said...

He marched them up to the top of the hill then he marched them down again, seriously depleted. I guess it's now back to his pig farm, what an irony!

Mick Sharpe said...

I think it should be up to BNP members to elect a new leader, someone who is judged on merit not 'old boy network'.

Charlotte Lewis said...

I think that anyone who was a member for for more than 5 of the last 20 years should be allowed to vote in a leadership election & indeed nominate a candidate.

Gary Caine said...

I didn't know all that about him but he has a bad rep anyway. Most people just see him as a racist. That's not good. People can be nationalists without being racist.

Angela Marnell said...

No , no one can rehearse a speech , but I'm talking about his delivery , this is something most ppl don't have , and as for history ? Don't know anyone who has his knowledge ,, anyway ,, he represented me and my views , which is what it's all about ,, all parties are corrupt ALL of them ,, He stood for what I believe in, and still does

Mark Collett said...

of course you can rehearse a speech. What a foolish thing to say. He used to make the same speech ten times a month. It was a performance. Natalie Rogan is correct, he couldn't last five minutes in open debate or when actually questioned or scrutinised. The man was a gibbering wreck on Question Time. The man is a laughing stock, a bankrupt and a political failure. He has now destroyed the BNP as he did the NF in the 1980s. He was the best tool the state has ever had.

Angela Marnell said...

He represented me ,, 100% , could you hold meetings and speak as well as well as does ? Go back in history s talk about other countries dating back ? Explain economic effects ? Everything he spoke about represented me ,,/and my political views ,, and to ridicule him now amongst Bnp supporters who were once by his side ? Well what does that say about you I will be a supporter of his through and through and no insults and derogatory remarks can change that ,, that's the problem with this country ,, people don't stick together ,, the human race ? Not worth a carrot

No one could ever take his place by the way whoever stands

Lawrence Rustem said...

"Expelled without trial" was his pathetic whinge. Isn't that what he did to others? BASTARD! What about those who gave up well paid jobs outside the BNP only to be stabbed in the back by such a wretched creep!

Angela Marnell said...

BNP will never survive without him ,, they've been struggling as it is ,,,they've gone now ,,there's no one intelligent and strong enough to fill his shoes I'm afraid ,,,not good to hear I know ,,sadly it's the truth

With no disrespect to mark ,I have watched you speaking and sorry to day you don't have half the presence and power nick does when he is addressing his audience ,,I say this because people are stating he should step up and take nicks place ,,,this position needs a strong voice to deliver, and one that knows how to talk , I don't think most people realise how hard a position this is to fill ? ...

Mark Collett said...

I have far more presence than that coward. Nick Griffin is a disgusting, fat, hunched, gibbering loser - twice a bankrupt to boot. He couldn't even dress himself in a suit and shirt that fit properly, he sleeves always too long and his shirt never fastening properly around his bloated neck. He boasted of collecting and eating road kill and watched as his wife flirted with other men in front of him. I have never said I am the greatest man to ever live, and I know my limits. But one thing is for sure, there are very few people I would say are lower on the life's scale than Griffin. If he is the highest calibre person you have ever met, then I truly pity you. You should get out more!

Angela Marnell said...

Hahaha bitter words mark , I've watched you on YouTube at meetings not a patch on NG I'm afraid

Mark Collett said...

Not really, Griffin was the man who gibbered, groaned, gurned and giggled his way through Question Time. I'm just stating facts. He destroyed the BNP - and that's why every nationalist on here (people involved in this cause for decades) despises him. If you genuinely have never met a man who holds himself better than Griffin, be my guest and continue to lick his boots. But is more a damning commentary on the low level people you associate yourself with than it is on anything I have said. History has been written, and Nick Griffin will be forever remembered as a traitor, a coward, a bankrupt and the man who wrecked the BNP. His career has ended in abject failure. The funny thing is, I know literally dozens of good nationalists who speak so highly of former leaders like John Tyndall. They still have memorial events in his name. I can't imagine the same will take place when Griffin passes.

Angela Marnell said...

Low level ppl I associate with ? You were once in his party ? So what does that make you? Also it's not professional to hurl abuse At a fellow BNP supporter. I find that very distasteful and rude ,, ,,, not a very good image for someone who people are shouting to step up ,,,,

Natalie Rogan said...

Wow Iv missed a lot - Angela did you really say nobody can rehearse a speech ?? Funny my 9 year old does this quite fine for his Christmas play and much more convincingly that Nick at times - his speeches where good at times however you can not run a country let alone a party on he basis you can recite lines .... When he was questioned he crumbled several times - stuttered and stammered and didn't have any answers suggesting what he was preaching wasn't from the heart ... He also had a bad image and an awful chequered past and was never a real media winning figure - and then he went and lost the plot and any support the party was gaining ... So he has been replaced ... Only time will tell if the new guy will be any better however he seems far better at being media savvy and selling the party than Nick - he never came across as anything other that an old racist who thought woman should be in the kitchen ... However he tried to act he wasn't

Angela Marnell said...

Call him what you like I agree with all he stands for ,,and so did loads of other people until his demise ,,,I've made my views very clear ,

Mark Collett said...

Well clearly, if you believe that a man who boasts of eating road kill and can't even find a suit to fit him is the highest calibre man you have met, then you have been surrounded by low calibre people. I don't care who you support, you don't have to engage with me on here. I haven't insulted you, just stated facts. Anyone who would let a twice bankrupt man run a party has at best questionable judgement. Also, Griffin appointted every single one of those he now bemoans for their incompetence. Surely, if nothing else, that alone proves he is not fit for management or leadership.

Frank Forte said...

I find the whole thing very sad and most of what Mark Collett says is true. Nick Griffin started out so well and even started to make the BNP user friendly and hands on. Then in a few short years he blew it. I take no pleasure in seeing this man on the floor and I have no wish to kick him or anyone else when they are down. I do have to say though NG brought it all on himself, he listened to wrong uns AND THERE HAVE BEEN MANY ver the last few years. But.....Had he not had the support he would not have been able to do what he did. I have to admit I am guilty there. He should have resigned when he got his MEP place and things would have been so different.

BUT......Is the BNP finished for ever? If not can it be rebuilt and if so how? I have my ideas, what do you think Mark and others?

Angela Marnell said...

Natalie rogan no doubt your 9 year old could give a speech but no doubt it would be. Boring and I would fall asleep, so yes ,,,it is ALL about delivery and not a rehearsal

What I find highly amusing is no one was calling nick before this? ,, all sheep following what someone. else says about him,,, I have my own mind,,,,

Peter Cuzzlewit said...

Whatever anyone has to say about ng, if you think he floundered on question time then I can assure you that Adam walker would fare much worse. He makes nick griffin look like a world class diplomat. The reality is that your party is currently fronted by the village idiot's idiot. This should be of more concern than dissecting the career of someone who is now largely irrelevant to your cause. Put the dummies back in the prams and unite behind Adam walker.

Angela Marnell said...

There no resurrecting this party plus there's no one strong enough to front it , This is / was the only part against the islamification of this country , there's no other political party brave enough or strong enough. Say what you will against NG but I don't hear anyone anywhere express views and concerns like he did on our behalf , sadly we live in a brainwashed braindead society of Sheeple who wouldn't listen anyway ,