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Marriage protects beta males, but atheist 21st century beta males won't stand up for it because they already know it is too late for them

I have always acknowledged the necessity for any ideology -  including Secular Koranism which would criminalise extramarital sex - to appeal to the people who matter. The people who might favour my ideas I would not expect to be part of the current political establishment and those already in the matriarchal political establishment who might favour my ideas would be fearful of doing so simply because they fear being expelled from it. It is a big ask.

In theory, however, men would favour my ideas because my ideas would raise their status.

In theory most mothers with young children - even if they are illegitimate - would favour my ideas because they would be the ones most desirous of having a protector and a provider while they bring up young children, and even mothers of illegitimate offspring would probably easily admit that they would prefer to have had a husband before becoming a mother if only they could have found a decent man to marry.

It would not be too hard to get beta males to understand how marriage protects them and gives them status and a stake in society as well as reproductive rights to have legitimate offspring.

In practice, however, beta males are shunned and despised by women. Nothing is guaranteed to give any woman - feminist or not - the heebie geebies than the thought of having to settle for some pathetic loser of a beta male who is skint, scared, stupid and without ambition, charm or prospects. They would really rather be spinsters, lesbians, sluts, prostitutes or commit suicide or prepare to suffer a lonely old age than settle for a man they feel is lower in courage, intellect and income to themselves.

"A few minutes of alpha is better than a lifetime of beta." This is what a slut/feminist would say.

In practice, these SSMs who might concede that they would certainly have married if only they had found a man they could bear to marry already know it is too late for them and they are either too old or bitter to be considered attractive enough to be wife material or they are already saddled with "baggage" in the form of having some man's brat and bastard in tow.

There are now more unmarriageable men like that than there ever were before. If you are asking feminists to now settle for this worst case scenario of being practically forced into marrying a beta male whose political views and person they find actually repulsive, it is, let's face it, a big ask.

Even if the media were co-operative, I have the problem of people's negative attitudes and self interest that my ideas would threaten.

Most beta males are unmarriageable or don't want to get married anyway. They would therefore have no interest in discussing my idea of promoting marriage because they fear the mockery of women they might wish to have sex with, and the mockery of men who are not as stupid, skint and scared as they are.

Male solidarity no longer exists. Because life is comfortable enough for most men, they only compete against each other for the sexual favours of sluts and the sexual favour of a slut can be gained for being a white knight and coming to the defence of any slut who might give them sex out of pity or gratitude, even if only once. Instead of standing up for each other, they would think nothing of betraying each other for the sexual favours of a slut.

Because beta males are despised by women of their own race and because there is no longer any disgrace in white women having sex with men of other races, white beta males face not only competition from alpha males of their own race, they also face competition from males of other races.

Let us say a white woman has two beta males to choose from: one from her own race and one of another race. She will probably choose the beta of another race because she will perceive him as having a higher status because he managed to make his way into her country, even as an illegal immigrant, than the white local male whose ways she already knows so well. Familiarity breeds contempt, after all.

I have explained to the beta males complaining about immigration that they need to find themselves a leader, but they are not interested.

I have explained to the beta males complaining about feminism that they need to declare an OFFICIAL marriage strike, but they are not interested either.

Why aren't they interested?

The beta males complaining about immigration do not trust each other and also despise other beta males; a beta male will not accept the authority of another beta male, only an alpha male, and they are all without exception beta males with no leadership qualities.  There are no alpha males in nationalism because beta males are only conscripted by their grievance and alpha males in nationalism are either shepherds or wolves. Sadly for the beta males complaining about immigration, their previous leader was a wolf (Nick Griffin) and their current leader is another beta male like them (Adam Walker).

If they had not been a member of the lumpenproletariat, or  had money or lived in a nice white neighbourhood, they would also despise these beta males complaining about immigration and regard them as inferior omega males who deserve to suffer.

Many may wonder why I, a female and a foreigner, should take an interest in a group of people who are not my race, class or sex and who would instinctively suspect me for my race, sex and national origin. I have often wondered myself, and have concluded that I have arrived at an important truth that it would be as well for future generations and other races, nations and cultures to bear in mind, viz the importance of maintaining the practice of marriage through instilling a general belief in God. While demonstrating the link between marriage and God, could I interest you in a little Secular Koranism?

As for the beta males complaining about feminism, being beta, they lack the imagination to conduct a bold publicity stunt and the courage to see it through. If they declared an OFFICIAL marriage strike they would be mocked, but they do not have the initiative to find an alpha male to lead them, or do not feel they could ever succeed in finding anyone to lead them even if they tried. Perhaps these mulish men simply dislike the idea of being told to do anything by anyone, even if he is alpha. The beta male is not known for his social confidence, after all, or his ambition or effectiveness. That is why he is a beta.

Why will no alpha male help them?

Because an alpha male would not be living in ethnically mixed high crime neighbourhoods these betas live in, and he would know that his status would be lowered by taking an interest in the plight of the beta male complaining about immigration and feminism and of being tainted by association.

Women, being above men because they have the vote and can divorce their husbands without stigma under the rules of no fault divorce, in fact exert a vice-like grip over the autonomy and liberties of men who instinctively exercise self-censorship.

Because exercising self-censorship makes men feel oppressed, they comfort themselves through making themselves believe in feminist propaganda and pretending that their lives have been improved by feminism because they now in theory have more sexual access to more women, even if it may mean years later having their reputations ruined through being accused of a historic sexual offence by a malicious woman known to be sexually promiscuous.

To say anything against the matriarchy ie complain about feminism or immigration, would jeopardise their status through losing their job, not getting promotion, losing their wife and access to their children and of course their property, pension and wealth.

Why should any alpha male gives up his status and privileges to help a bunch of losers who are universally despised?

I am actually in an ideal position to help them, but what remains of their racial and masculine pride forbids them from choosing me as their leader.

Not only is my sex, race and country of origin against me, my detestable promotion of Secular Koranism is something none of them can abide and that is why they cannot bring themselves to even discuss my ideas, even for the purposes of mocking them.

Secular Koranism is a version of Islam and they cannot abide Muslims whose very presence in this country is an affront to them.  They hate Muslims because they are so visible and because they are a daily reminder of their impotence and lowered status since the end of  imperial glory.

Being descendants of Christians ancestors, they would also have inherited their antisemitic prejudices. Being mostly descendants of members Episcopalian Church, they would also have inherited their hatred of Popery and be suspicious of Catholics in general.

Beta/omega males coming from the lumpenproletariat are not good about discussing other ideas even amongst themselves, so I know I cannot expect them to discuss my ideas which they will doubtless consider alien, outlandish and literally unspeakable.

If there had been a single man who was both complaining about immigration and feminism who was an alpha male, he would have taken my ideas and run with them. Before doing so he would have thought of challenging them and testing them to destruction by asking me difficult questions to test their strength, coherence and practicability, but none of this has happened.

Their attitude is best represented by the following, spoken or implied:

"What do you expect me to do about this? I am just a skint, scared and stupid beta male without imagination or ambition, afraid of radical ideas and change."

"Your ideas are stupid but I won't engage with you about why I think they are stupid because I would fall into the trap of letting you win the argument when I cannot prove that your ideas are in fact stupid."

"When I say that your ideas are stupid, I mean that they are so detestable that I hope they will never be implemented, even if this means that the problems I am complaining about will not be solved, but I don't mind as long as I can take to my grave the idea that I am a member of a superior race, without being forced by circumstances to formally acknowledge that this is no longer or was ever the case."

"The truth is that I find your ideas so detestable that I cannot bring myself to discuss them, even in theory. Sorry."

Basically, what we have here is a bunch of betas with a problem, but who refuse to do the thing that would solve their problem and are too stupid to see how stupid that is.

Males with alpha qualities are mostly atheists and atheists are short-termists who do not care how posterity judges them as long as they can fill their boots while they live.  (I call them males with alpha qualities because they are not really alpha males at all.  Real alpha males would not be afraid of offending omega females ie Slut Single Mothers also known as  SSMs.  David Cameron is the supposed alpha male of Britain, but all leaders of UK political parties are also afraid of offending  omega female, who all have the vote in our political environment of indiscriminate universal suffrage. The omega female is the least desirable female partner for a man looking for a wife and a mother for his legitimate children because she has already borne the mistake of another man.) Atheist males who do not have legitimate offspring or who are estranged from them because they have been deprived of access to their offspring by their ex-wives, think and behave like childless homosexuals. Because these men estranged from their offspring no longer feel they have control or love for their delinquent sons badly brought up their mothers, they really don't care what happens to their sons after they die. The purpose of these males with alpha qualities is to take their pleasures as they come and their ambition is to use up all their wealth before they die leaving nothing behind because they either have no children or hate their own delinquent offspring.  Some of them even make the BNP  the beneficiaries of their will to spite their unfilial offspring.

In effeminate societies, men are as risk-averse as women. Atheist men who grew up and grew old in an environment of hedonism, hypocrisy, cowardice, slut-worship and the systematic cultivation of failure will have no inclination to discuss revolutionary ideas they know they have no ability or stomach to implement.

With no faith, no moral courage, no regard for the truth and no desire to uphold any principle because their moral and intellectual education and courage was deficient in these regards, even charismatic men who are well-educated and went to best schools are no better than the most unprepossessing beta male.  Nigel Farage has already demonstrated his cowardice and risk-aversion when  he declared that he would not be repealing the Equality Act 2010.

These ageing men who dislike 21st century Britain are  regarded with contempt and pity by women especially if they show that they dislike foreign food and or any signs of being  unadventurous and boring.  The older men become, the less adventurous they become and the more like old women they become.

When enough of them have died out through natural attrition, Islam will take over after young Muslim men who are prepared to take risks and prepared to fight move in after these effete senescent men - low in talent and courage as well as weak of spirit and in mind - roll over after they have died.

What is my role in this?

I tried my best to point out the possible courses of action. I did not of course expect any of these beta males to make me their leader. The most I hoped for was someone of their number being prepared to take my ideas and run with them instead of continuing blaming Jews, Muslims, immigrants and other races, but not a bit of it.

They are in a sorry state and I understand perfectly now why other cultures made a point of treating sluts and bastards badly to prevent precisely this state of advanced moral putrefaction that now pervades the West, of sluts and bastards taking over after becoming the majority.  In the West, the visceral disgust right-thinking members of society would instinctively feel for the slut has been all but bred out of them.

I like to think that I, a female and a foreigner, was sent by their ancestors as a warning and a reminder to these effete sexually-enslaved men of the West.  I am the only one with a political ideology that does not entail being nasty to Jews, Muslims, other races and foreigners.  Indeed, my message is simply to take marriage seriously again, but even saying this is considered blasphemy to the sexually-liberated Westerner the majority of whom regard their right to have extramarital sex as much much more important than respecting marriage itself.

Because they will dismiss out of hand any proposal to have laws that punish those who have extramarital sex nothing will improve because they are part of the problem: by being unwilling to discuss how the problem can be solved, they are in fact denying that there is even a problem.

Why do they deny that there is a problem?

Because they cannot bear the cure.

Livy: "We can no longer bear our vices nor their cure."

What it means in practice to respect marriage

  1. The abolition of no-fault divorce. (No-fault divorce allows wives to divorce their husbands just for being old, irritating, fat and boring and then take half their property and deprive them of their children.)
  2. The requirement that both parties agree a marriage contract before a marriage is legally valid
  3. The repeal of the Equality Act 2010 to restrict the lifestyle choices of women who would otherwise choose not to  marry or remain faithful to a beta male.
  4. The criminalising of extramarital sex and the corporal punishment of 100 lashes for anyone convicted of having extramarital sex as well as the practice of slut-shaming
  5. It be implied into every marriage contract a term that give the husband the right to carry out a DNA test on every child borne by his wife

Can you imagine pathetic beta male losers asking for any of the above?

Can you imagine alpha males asking for any of this when they already get so much free  pussy?  

Only I can do it because I don't care if sluts say they won't have sex with me and I do not have a wife who will divorce me just for questioning and challenging feminism.  

Give me your support and things may yet change. If you do not agree with my ideas, then at least tell me what better ones you have. If you haven't any then I think you are morally obliged to support my ideas by discussing them with other men and getting your political party to support them.  If moral obligation counts for nothing with you  then you deserve the continued oppression of the matriarchy and the continuing weakening and decline of the civilisation your ancestors built that will be recorded by history as having fallen under your watch, because men in the West no longer have any shame or any pride because most of them are atheists, Commie Pinko libtards, homos and pussy-whipped slut-worshiping manginas.  

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Antony Stack said...

I think this is article contains a lot of cogent truth. The sentiments are sure to provoke outrage in the free-thinking, free-love PC consensus. These are the liberal media and academics who have overthrown the social order. They are willing to flood Europe with Africans and Arabs, with no thought in mind, but that their gratitude will keep them comfortable. The white working class count for nothing with these. They want to rule a multi-cultural paradise. They have a few shocks coming.