Wednesday, 29 October 2014

My complaint to The Today Programme about an Ebola female doctor's bad grammar

Dr Geraldine O'Hara who went to Oxford, said the following at


"The woman was sat on the floor"

I write to complain about the BBC condoning bad grammar in a member of the learned profession. I had a nasty turn when I heard John Humphrys saying "was sat" too, but that was some time ago and I let that pass.

Now that bad grammar is now mixed up with a nasty life-threatening tropical disease that will soon be out of control, I feel it is now time to make a stand.

It is impossible to convey the sense of despair and foreboding I feel about the way the media gives the impression that women are being in charge of Ebola and therefore by extension that it is going to be allowed into Britain to kill us all too, while female doctors take time off to collect their kids from school.  The fact that this female doctor has bad grammar as well as a regional accent does not give confidence to me or the public. The fact that the BBC does not see fit to correct this grammatical error and perpetuates it is even more disturbing and alarming.

The increasing number of people who say "the amount of people" instead of "the number of people" who go uncorrected simply confirms my diagnosis that not only is this country degenerate, but the libtards of the BBC are actually going around encouraging and promoting this by refusing to correct anyone's grammar.

It was Montaigne who said that grammar is the logic of language. When educated people no longer care about grammar or logic, we may safely conclude that we and our government are indeed degenerate and decline and doom is imminent and inevitable.

Doubtless we will soon be reduced to grunting or saying "fuck off" to each other in varying tones of voice to convey emotion and information after we have forgotten all the other words. Is this what the BBC wants? If so, why should the BBC licence fee payer be forced to fund this?

I look forward to hearing from you as to whether my complaint about Dr O'Hara's bad grammar will be conveyed to her so that she will desist from using "was sat" next time she is sitting anywhere or sees anyone sitting anywhere that she sees fit to inform us about.

Claire Khaw

Sent 9.30AM

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