From 11am we're talking about parenting classes - what should people be told before they have a child??
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  • Alex Thomson Wear a condom.
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  • Jenny Karling First aid!
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  • Sara Lane Don't try to attain to people's high expectations. Do what ever U need to get through that hour, day, night etc.
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  • Dojj Singh Make sure you can afford them and not sponge off the state for everything
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  • Diane Dixon Trust your instinct and definitely first aid , not to let your child near BBC
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  • Dojj Singh And don't forget they are responsible for it for life, like that dog advert (or Christmas, a god is for life not just Christmas )
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  • Louise Smith Respect and the difference between right and wrong.
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  • Simon Attwood Parents need to be taught that the environment and experiences, especially the earliest environment and experiences, are defining in how their child's brain wires itself. A fearful environment favours wiring that might make a child aggressive, resistant and confrontational, or "Antisocial". A neglectful environment favours wiring that means a child might retreat and hide away from life. A safe and nurturing environment means that their child's brain will wire itself in a secure and safe manner to face a safe world that it can explore, interact with and thrive in.
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  • Heidi Jane Don't let grandparents undermine you!
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  • Shosh Rayner unfortunately a lot of parents haven't had an opportunity to deal with their own past and end up repeating them with violence and abuse or other unpleasant or traumatic experiences and also low self esteem. But cultivating a loving environment for a child must be the priority, to be born out of love and not out of a moment of lust.
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  • Susan McNab Grandparents are a valuable asset - they've been there, have the experience, also they can help with babysitting. Also know that once you've had a child, your life is not your own any more. (IN A GOOD WAY).
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  • Dante Price Don't have a child unless both parents are going to stay together. Nothing worse than people using children as weapons
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  • Michaela Campbell You can't guarantee that Dante no one can
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  • Sherry Bevan You don't need to be a perfect mum or a perfect dad all the time. Being a good enough mum or dad most of the time is enough. Learn to trust your instincts.
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  • Sally Sally Sal When I had my son in 1999 children were weaned at four months my son was almost 9 pound 4 ounces. he was a big baby in weight and length and he was born 2 weeks early by caesarian. He needed food at 4 months. All he was given was baby rice to start with and very slowly puréed fruits and veg were introduced. He was sitting up when eating not laying down. My son was good he slept through the night from 5 weeks. He is not a fussy eater and eats absolutely everything. 

    I know a woman who fed her daughter from the 6 months which I couldn't understand as she had another child which was fed from 4. This daughter was always crying easily disturbed - and now at the age of 6 she is a very fussy eater. I think the delay in eating causes this. Another person who had a child same time fed baby rice from 3.5 months cause she was big - no problems eats very well and always has done.
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  • Suzanne Dibble I would really recommend the Parent Practice and their parenting courses. Practical advice that makes a huge difference in your every day communications with your children - no nagging, bribing, shouting etc. 
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  • Claire Khaw Get married.

    @1party4all i understand your question. but i got a...
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  • Mandie Redfern Turn OFF their mobile phones and interact with their children! End of.
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  • Claire Khaw Wow. Not a single one of you suggested that it might be a good idea to get married before having children. 

    But I keep forgetting that this is Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland where most British mothers are mothers of bastards.

    Most children of British mothers are now being born out...
  • Claire Khaw Did you people know that 85% of mothers in Jamaica are SSMs?

    Kevin O'Brien Chang Why does Jamaica have what is...
  • Claire Khaw Probably not, and you don't care either, do you? 

    Do you people ever wonder why black people are what is called "over-represented" in crime statistics? 

    Cos most of them are singly-parented. 

    Even Diane Abbott agrees with me.

  • Claire Khaw Why is feminism to blame?

    Cos feminism encourages women to be SLUTS which undermines marriage. 

    But feminists want to undermine marriage because they want to undermine the patriarchy which is maintained by marriage.