Thursday, 30 October 2014

What and who is a psychopath?

Can You Pass The Psychopath Test?

My result:

"Sometimes you are a little distant from other people. You are no stranger to difficult times and a little depression, but overall, you are fairly friendly, outgoing and enjoy the company of others. You don't like to be on your own too much, you are very empathic, and you do feel bad when you see someone in need (heck, you might even help others from time to time!)

Don't worry about your potential to become a psychopath, as long as you keep yourself surrounded with good people and a healthy lifestyle, you will be fine!"


Brit in Norway said...

Reassuring to hear you're not a sociopath Claire. Apparently in the old days, personality disorder was called "moral insanity." Perhaps we need to return to this term?

Claire Khaw said...

The scary thing is that most people are sociopaths these days because they do not believe in God and follow no particular principles except what is expedient.

Because most women are sluts, most mothers are SSMs, most children are bastards and most people fornicators, atheists and libtards these days, Britain is a society of sociopaths and its government a government by sociopaths for sociopaths.

This does not bode well for the future, I would suggest.