Sunday, 12 October 2014

What exactly does Susie Leafe want from the Bishop of Buckingham who actively supports gay marriage? Can you tell? From 35:45

Frank Field says he sees the C of E as a creature of the state and expects the C of E to do its bidding. Suzy Leafe looks slightly pained.

The Bishop of Buckingham on the Ins and Outs and Same-Sex Marriage

"I wonder why we are so uniquely hung up about sexuality." 

He seems be entirely unaware of the significance of the institution importance of marriage at all, and it seems no one in the land is capable of pointing this out to him.  He also seems so historically ignorant that he is unaware that the Church used to take it quite seriously. Is the Church of England staffed almost entirely by men feeble in intellect and moral courage? Perhaps they are all just liberals? Suzy Leafe seems quite unable to get it together to give them a piece of her mind or explain why she has a problem with gay marriage.

If she is not up to the job, why don't the male council members do it for her?  There are so many of them at Why did they send a woman to do a man's job? Is it cos they don't trust themselves to say what they mean or cos they don't think they are pretty enough?

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