Wednesday, 29 October 2014

What Muslim convert Sooraya Graham really wanted to do: to turn Muslim women into sex objects and mock Islam

If Sooraya Graham says she is Muslim, then she must have been a convert.

She should just star in a porn video with her in her hijab doing whatever she gets up to with her long-haired boyfriend and see what happens.

She is a convert thinking she can make her point as a white woman who thinks nothing of having premarital sex using her white feminist privilege to mock Islam and Muslim women but expect no comeback from Muslims.

Of course, I expect Islamophobic libtard men to defend women like her who openly fornicate unquestioningly because their reaction is as predictable as night following day.

These men clearly regard their right to have extramarital and recreational sex as far far far more important than respecting the institution of marriage which means forbidding extramarital sex. This is the real ideological divide between Islam and feminism.

We already know these pitiable libtard Islamophobes would happily fight pointless and ruinous wars to defend this principle for the "honour" of women like her and have already been doing so since Iraq was invaded in 2003.

How Feminism Led To Two World Wars

After all, was  not the Trojan War fought over a woman who had extramarital sex too?

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