Thursday, 6 November 2014

Are most marriage counsellors and therapists female? Are most women feminists? Do feminists want to undermine marriage?

From counselling to therapism: how expert help could harm your marriage. Modern marriage therapy has come to promote individualism over marital commitment.

Belief in experts switches off the decision-making centres of our minds, and this is dangerous when most of us have not been inculcated with any moral values or common sense.

We are just sitting ducks at the mercy of the parasitical and plausible if we have no moral values or principles to guide our conduct.

The female marriage counsellor is likely to be on the side of the wife.

The male marriage counsellor probably has his eye on your wife.

I have a simple solution.

Instead of having two witnesses declaring that they witnessed a couple's marriage ceremony, couples should henceforth have two appointed Friends of the Marriage whose duty is not to either party of the marriage but to the continuation of the marriage. That would be the in-laws, usually.

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