Thursday, 6 November 2014

Claire Khaw on Englishness and how the English should adopt her virtues


MappyPlayer said...

You talk and tweet more sense than that far-left hippy Russell Brand. But I want to ask you something, Claire. Do you think it's reasonable for a husband to expect his wife to be solely responsible for the nappy changing and potty training of their children? It seems to me that the popular trend of mums expecting their men to "do their fair share" is actually an instance of feminazi policy, which creates tension within marriages as well as putting men off procreating in the first place. I myself, who am a 29 year old single white man, am partly refraining from breeding due to my aversion to the prospect of being roped into that disgusting work, work which I suspect most mums are secretly happy to do.

Claire Khaw said...

If I were a bloke I wouldn't get married either and would go on an OFFICIAL marriage strike to make my point.