Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Why not change name of the Samuel Johnson Prize to "The Samuela Johnson Non-Fiction Prize of Feminine Angst"?

Judges for the 2014 Samuel Johnson Prize:

  1. Claire Tomalin - female
  2. Alan Johnson - Labour MP (Did he even read the book?)
  3. Lorien Kite - name of young man with the name of a girl
  4. Ray Monk - lefty academic who complained of Terry Eagleton being "reactionary" because he dared to criticise Guardian journalists with bad grammar
  5. Ruth Scurr - her interests include "early feminist political thought" now divorced from her husband John Dunn who says very very interesting things about the state of our democracy.  His book The Cunning of Unreason is reviewed at  Perhaps that should have been awarded the Samuel Johnson Prize?

In short, you have to be female and/or libtard to be a judge.

Are the Samuel Johnson Prize judges libtards, feminazis and manginas? If so, how can it retain its literary and intellectual integrity?

You can read an extract of this dreadfully dull sounding book at Reading it  confirmed my opinion of the endemic corruption of British institutions and literary standards, which seems to be to cultivate failure and promote mediocrity.

I wonder how many copies of this deadly dull book will sell and if sold be finished by the reader. I was already bored senseless by the time I finished the extract, and it seems to be "Moan, whinge, bird, dad, feathers, nest, blah blah  and blah ... "

You may have a more rewarding read at

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