Saturday, 15 November 2014

Should Julien Blanc be in a BBC documentary to analyse the effectiveness of his seduction techniques?

MCSFs explained

Sluts and degrees of sluttery

All you have to do is turn a slut on and she will will let you fuck her. If it is OK for women to have sex for fun, why is it not OK for men to want to make sluts let them fuck them?

I am a little curious about his techniques.

I think the BBC should have a camera crew follow him around to film what happens and pay him a big fat fee for the privilege.

Slut volunteers should be recruited to analyse his techniques then tested for arousal and willingness to comply with his suggestions for sex acts and sexual intercourse after  he has made his moves.


Anonymous said...

From what I've seen Blanc goes around choking complete strangers, and brags about basically assaulting women in Japan. Are you saying he has some kind of 'slutdar', otherwise how would he know?

Claire Khaw said...

How would he know WHAT?

Has Julien Blanc been convicted of rape and sexual assault?

You don't know if a woman is a slut or not until she lets you - a man who is not her husband - fuck her.

But you can tell if she might by what she is wearing and how she is carrying herself and where you met her. If you met her in a club and she is wearing next to nothing at the weekend, she is probably up for it and probably fucks strange men for fun at weekends.

This kind of a woman will probably give you a blowjob without thinking too much about it, if you know the right moves, which Julien Blanc knows all about, or so he claims.

Anonymous said...

The overwhelming majority of women I have slept with, loved being fuck choked.

What men, naive men, need to understand about women is they love to be treated like shit.

But only when they're in the mood for it.

snork maiden said...

I mean, how does Blanc know women want him to choke them? You state that 'sluts' want him to do just that.

In which case how do you explain all the campaigns to have him refused entry to the country, which you believe are being initiated by sluts? Therefore you're saying that women who want Blanc to come up and choke them are actually trying to have him barred from doing so.

Isn't that taking 'playing hard to get' to a new level?

Claire Khaw said...

You keep forgetting sluts are stupid and breeding with depraved bastards producing more stupid depraved bastards making this country stupider and more depraved with each passing generation.

Sluts are trying to ban Blanc for being derogatory about sluts he has fucked, when in fact they must already know that men who pump and dump fuck and forget sluts would inevitably not think much of them.

Basically, Blanc is an alpha male they find threatening so they will pull out all the stops to see that he is defeated to make an example of him to show that his kind of attitude does not pay.

The effect of this is to make known that sluts like being choked while fucked.

I am not too bothered because only sluts - women who have sex with random strangers for fun - are in danger from seduction techniques like this.