Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Igor Judge is a LIBTARD, a running dog of the feminazis and a feminazi apologist

Sex with consent ‘can still be rape’
It was Igor Judge who said that sex that began with the consent of your wife can be converted into a rape charge.
It was also Lord Chief Justice Judge who dismissed Ched Evans' appeal from his conviction of rape.

White middle class professional men are infamously deferential and malleable when it comes to carrying out the orders of the feminazis.

It all makes sense now. Ched Evans never stood a chance.

Soon men will have no rights at all and will no longer be suffered to exist, apart from a few drones here and there serving their cougar and jaguar mistresses.

" ... a certain stratum of deferential, malleable, white middle-class men."

"The irony is that the legal and media world inhabited by Steinem and her cronies is filled with bookish white-collar men who are the only ones in the world who actually listen to feminists rhetoric and can be guilt-tripped into trying to obey it."

The life of the Male Honey Bee

The males are immediately discarded – and either gassed or thrown into macerating machines, which kill instantly.

How feminism destroyed real men

Should we consider ISIS fighters refugees fleeing from the feminazis of Britain?

Are they rather like the Ultramontanes fleeing the French Revolution?

Men: every time you shag a neurotic drunken malicious slut who claims she can't remember why she had sex with you, you may cost the taxpayer £11,000

If you cannot answer this question correctly, are you a feminazi, a feminazi apologist, or the jury who convicted Ched Evans?

The point not made or not taken at the trial of Chad Evans and the obviously perverse verdict of the jury

Ched Evans is innocent, so let him play football again


NM said...

Running dog? methinks you have been reading too much Lenin

Claire Khaw said...

It is Mao, actually.

SG said...

He is a traitor to his sex and should be raped in the arse, the filthy old parasite.

And they wonder why young Muslim men are joining ISIS with old fuckers like this running the place.