Friday, 21 November 2014

Mark Reckless photographed next to ex-BNP activist to whom Nick Griffin was alleged to have exposed himself

Chronology of Events leading to the Sunday Star story of a tumescent Nick Griffin "exposing himself"

What would happen to Nick Griffin and Claudia Dalgleish under Secular Koranism?

BNP leader Nick Griffin 'is a sex pest who exposed himself to former glamour model in her car'

Not a disaster for a politician or a celebrity or even a journalist who is often asked to have photographs taken with complete strangers and expected to oblige, I would have thought.

Below is poor Nick Robinson photographed next to an attractive Britain First lady.

Nick Robinson of the BBC photographed with the Britain First candidate, Jayda Fransen

One is immediately reminded of Jack Straw shaking hands with Robert Mugable. CHORTLE.

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