Thursday, 20 November 2014

Real alpha males

"Real Alpha Males have always displayed real power and control in all aspects of their lives. When you can do this, you don't need "game". You ARE "game". "Game" is just the term used by beta and omega males pretending to be alpha. Real Alpha Males build and lead societies and civilizations, even if it's just at the family unit level. Feminism is out of control because little boys pretending to be men don't know how to keep their bitches in line. They mistakenly think because they know how to get a dumb cunt to sleep with them that they have power. Nope, you're just that night's flavor for unchecked female promiscuity. Real Alpha Males fix society's problems, not ride the downward spiral while tallying a count of how many whores you've slept with."

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Colisha Harris said...

This is the crux of what you've been talking about regarding the problems with Britain's men, isn't it, that they refuse to step up and LEAD, and are content with "riding the downward spiral" because they are obsessed with getting pussy?

TetrisPlayer said...

This revering of alpha males and condemning of betas has gone too far and become tiresome; it does not serve the Khavian crusade, nay it harms it by driving away betas like me. Alphas are naturally supposed to be a minority, and betas are useful and necessary in the social order. And by no means all women lust after alphas; many prefer the simpler option of a good beta. The defects of modern day betas (e.g. the sex related ones you talk about a lot) stem from feminaziism and consumerism and other such things, not from the fact of betahood.

Claire Khaw said...

There has been a crisis of masculinity since 1979 when Thatcher came to power and did the job a man should have done.

Where would beta males like you be driven to anyway?

I *despise* beta males and you are all omega males lower than sluts.