Monday, 24 November 2014

The treachery of feminism

The patriarchy is transparent because whoever is in charge really is in charge.

 1. Feminists turn men into women.

2. Feminists mock men for having been emasculated.

3. Feminists then proceed to reject men of their own race and nation in order to fornicate with and marry men of other races and other nations.

4. Feminism creates all manner of social problems - widespread illegitimacy leading to higher crime and lower educational attainment and even Muslim terrorism - and then take away our liberties and increase our taxes in its incompetent attempts to solve the problems it has created.

5. Feminism has created "rape culture" and the historical sexual offence - concepts designed to find men guilty without a fair trial while lowering the standard of proof required for a criminal conviction.

6. Men should fear and hate feminism, but they are kept quiescent because feminism promotes premarital sex and bribes them with sexual liberation.

7. Feminism, by ensuring that men have no place in public to call their own, have all but destroyed male solidarity with the result that most men would happily destroy another man's career and reputation at the behest of a woman with obviously low standards of sexual morality, such as the woman who was roasted in Rhyl by two footballers.

8. Feminism has seen to it that the black defendant was acquitted while the white defendant was convicted, presumably to throw a bone to the complainant who would otherwise have been completely humiliated and ostracised if both had been acquitted and possibly charged with perverting the course of justice, as Eleanor De Freitas was.

9. Feminism has seen to it that the government is run on the totalitarian Political Correctness favoured by white middle class professional women whose orders are followed unthinkingly and unquestioningly by malleable deferential white middle class men.

10. Feminism can be destroyed by repealing the Equality Act 2010 and all anti-discrimination legislation.

11. Feminism can be destroyed by abolishing no fault divorce.

12. But have you noticed that no white man and no leader of a political party will propose this, including UKIP?

13. No leader of any political party will propose anything that would alienate the female vote - that is the nature of this system of government we call democracy.

14. No male politician will discuss this problem with any other male politician because they are so afraid and corrupt they do not trust each other.

15. Feminism prevents grave and continuing errors from being corrected.

16. Feminism is the evil that men bribed with cheap sex are determined to indulge in until their civilisation falls.

17. Why do men not act promptly and decisively in response to all of the above which is obvious and undeniable? Forgive them, for they have turned to women indulging in the feminine vice of DENIAL.

18. Is it because they also fear to be accused of rape or a historic sexual offence?

19. Is it also because the conquered always take on the habits and views of those who have conquered them?

20. The habits and views of the prevailing political orthodoxy are FEMINAZI.


How is this to be done? For the moment, just discuss this amongst yourselves and look away from the simmering pot, for a watched pot never boils ...

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