Saturday, 22 November 2014

White woman thinks a convicted black rapist has a higher status than a a convicted white rapist

TV presenter Charlie Webster says she cannot stay at Sheffield United if Ched Evans returns.
Webster, who has said she was sexually assaulted as a teenager, told BBC Radio 5 Live: “You will have young people cheering him on when he scores a goal. Not under my name, under my club or community.”

Webster, who is a member of the Ministry of Justice’s victims’ panel – set up so that those affected by crime can tell ministers how the criminal justice system could better serve victims – said: “I feel like it is my duty and responsibility to stand up to this.

Webster tweeted on 10 September:

“Just bumped into Mike Tyson in the hotel lobby as I was randomly talking about him! I chickened out on asking for a photo … damn.”

Charlie Webster wants to trash the career of convicted rapist Ched Evans, who is white and Welsh.
Charlie Webster wanted to be photographed with this convicted rapist, who is black and American. What does it all mean? Are you racist if you discriminate against a man of your own race for no particular reason that you can explain apart from the fact that he is white and Welsh and won't apologise for raping a woman he has always denied raping? If Charlie Webster really had to be raped by one of them, which one do you think she would choose? Do you suspect, like me, that she would rather have sex with Mike Tyson than Ched Evans? Is Charlie Webster racist against white men? SHOCK HORROR.

White feminists don't really care much for men of their own race, for some reason

A revealing photograph of Charlie Webster

Why Females Prefer Immigrant Males

Ten Reasons Why Females Prefer Alien Males

Women are exogamous, men endogamous.

White feminists REPULSED by anti-immigration white proletariat and DON'T CARE what happens to them

Ambitious young women today are taught to ignore or suppress every natural instinct, if it conflicts with the feminist agenda posed on them. All literary and artistic works, no matter how great, that document the ambivalence of female sexuality they are trained to dismiss as “misogynous.” In other words, their minds are being programmed to secede from their bodies … there is a huge gap between feminist rhetoric and women’s actual sex lives, where feminism is of little help except with a certain stratum of deferential, malleable, white middle-class men.

Middle-class men, neutered by office life and daunted by feminist rhetoric, are shrinking. Lesbianism is increasing, since anxious, unmasculine men have little to offer. Women are simply more interesting to them. Male homosexuality is increasing, because masculinity is in crisis and because maternal consciousness, severed from the support network of the extended family, has become a psychotic system, forcing the young to struggle for life against clinging personal fantasy.

White middle-class girls at the elite colleges and universities seem to want the world handed to them on a platter. They have been sheltered, coddled and flattered. Having taught at a wide variety of institutions over my ill-starred career, I have observed that working-class or lower-middle-class girls, who are from financially struggling families and must take a patchwork of menial jobs to stay in school, are usually the least hospitable to feminist rhetoric. They see life as it is and have fewer illusions about sex. It is affluent, upper-middle class students who most spout the party line — as if the grisly hyperemotionalism of feminist jargon satisfies their hunger for meaningful experiences outside their eventless upbringing. In the absence of war, invent one.

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