Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Will the human race really start dying out now as these very realistic dolls make women sexually redundant?

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How to Care For Your Boy Toy Doll

Comments by Men on Sex Dolls:

"I can't see the problem with feminism. Imagine this, you go to the pub and pick up a great looking chick expecting to take her home and fuck the ass off of her all night. You get her home and she pulls the feminist shit saying that she now doesn't want it. Fine you say to her with a smile on your face while at the same time reaching under your bed and pulling out your latest realdoll. After the initial shock on her face you fuck ther ass of your latex mistress and say, jeeeezzzz I bet you can't fuck as good as her. lol

A bit expensive. But probably worth it as I wouldn't have to put up with any tantrums and shit from them.

When you consider how much you spend on dating say for 3 years. Then the wedding cost, then having to keep, clothe and feed some mouthy bitch that has stopped running to catch the bus and giving you jip every day. I guess if a real doll is looked after and last 30 or 40 years you could save enough money to buy a decent house, car and go on luxuary hollidays while still having loads of savings in the bank."

"If I were going to buy one of these - and I do think they have their benefits - I would want to build it myself. Not literally, but I mean by describing exactly what I want her to look like and having it built in the form of my perfect woman.

She would be/have:

Red hair
Green eyes
6 foot
Tight, pert arse (arse is the most important thing for me)
Thick legs and thighs
Not too skinny
Size 6 feet with a sexy arch

Then I would be satisfied with her in between relationships, or when I needed to save money. I would probably - maybe - only then seek a real woman when I decided I wanted to have children.

Sounds good to me."

Declare war against feminism with an OFFICIAL marriage strike!

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