Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Michael Voris: Emasculated Catholic clergy and feminine vices destroying boys

Alpha males marginalised in Catholic Church, just like the Episcopalian Church

"If there's one affected the crisis in the church that really gets very little play it's the utter destruction of boys and young men.  The church in being a loving mother to them should want them to go up and be good men. Instead in the constant pandering to the culture of the sissified male, many leaders in the church have thrown this and the previous generation of Catholic males under the bus as a result of their lack of zeal. Far from inspiring deeds of daring, many church leaders -  themselves glaring examples of a lack of manhood in masculinity - encourage little else than snivelling and narcissism. They don't encourage the young guys to fight the culture, they encourage them to join the culture. They give them nothing or next to nothing in the way of resisting and standing strong against a nation awash in pornography and illicit sex.  By extension they practically draw out love them all that is the dark side of the masculine and reduce the strength of the masculine.

Boys grow up to be men. The kind of man a boy grows up to be is influenced by many factors and today the vast majority of those factors are bad. Manhood is an object of ridicule or contempt depending on which TV show or commercial you happen to be tuned into at any given moment. The parishes have become the haunt up the feminine, which is one reason so many men simply stay away but this kind of talk is all about adults what about the boys are the young men stuck for the moment somewhere between boyhood and manhood, still young but not yet man closing in on adult manhood but with at least one foot still firmly planted in youth.

Many priests and bishops raised in the last generation or two are themselves victims and perpetrators at the same time. Why do we constantly hear from leaders everywhere about the need to advance more women in leadership roles in the Church, as the Archbishop of Chicago just said? There's nothing wrong with that in principle but it is wrong when it's done to the exclusion of men. The only men who seem to get advanced in the Church at least prominently are homosexuals, the homosexual-friendly crowd AKA the homosexualist or the careerist. Many good solid men among the ranks a priest and there are many true fathers are held down marginalized, demoted, shoved aside or whatever simply because they are strong men and the women who run the show and their effeminate counterpart priest friends don't like strong men. What in Hades kind of message does this send to boys who aren't blind to the cavalcade of women running the show and the clergy in most parishes in chanceries.

Where are all the men showcasing authentic masculinity teaching the faith at the religious at office in the parish where are the men who speak boldly and clearly about the need to become Catholic in an effort to battle evil and save your soul. Most of the womanly man who pass these days for, ahem, leaders would rather stay home and do their nails than stand up and decry the faults of ecumenism, universalism and indifference that has befallen the church.

Boys sense a lack of a fight, a lack of the rough-and-tumble, and with no one to encourage it they throw in the towel rather easily and give into the culture of the spoiled man.

Men generally do not learn what it is to become men by taking their cues from women. Don't take this wrong some moms my own are fantastic and instilling the desire to be men in their boys but they don't instil the masculinity itself: it takes men, fathers, comrades solid in the faith to do that. The only place this can of authentically occur in the world now given over to the earth goddess is the Catholic Church. This is why so many leaders today behave like conniving women stabbing opponents in the back in maneuvering behind the scenes like wanton tramps and jilted lovers with a score to settle. The old saying that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned applies today to just as many men as it does women. People in the Church allow this garbage to go on are destroying the masculinity of boys and young men and by that we mean they are raising up the next generation of sissies unable to cope with the crisis because they're more concerned with having their feelings affirmed than fighting personal and social evil. The sanctuaries should be occupied by men. Period, And not just any old men but strong men who boys can look up to and say in the back up their minds "I wanna be like him." 

Poor old Michael Voris. I talk to men like this EVERY DAY and there is nothing I can do at all to motivate these slackers. It is already too late for the Episcopalian Church. The infestation of the Catholic mind of this kind of rot is already bone deep but is only now manifesting itself.

It is like seeing a food item you did not cover properly already infested with maggots. You have to throw it away now, don't you?

To replace the moral vacuum that is 21st century - which is indistinguishable from PC Libtardism, I propose Secular Koranism.

An alternative Pope and an alternative Vatican in Detroit

Why do the women of the men's rights movement dislike me?

The Utility of God as a concept
"If God is said to be omnipotent, omniscient, unique and perfectly moral, then by contemplating the concept of God we necessarily contemplate these concepts too, which will assist us in the pursuit of science, justice and the maintenance of good government."

Why saying the most rational and moral laws are God's laws makes them more likely to be obeyed by more people for longer
If you say that the best laws are the ones you thought up you are not going to live forever even if you do become dictator.
If you say that the best laws are the ones your family thought up you are never really sure if your line may not die out at some point in the future.
If you say that the best laws are the ones that your political party thought up, you are never really sure if your kind of politics may one day fall out of favour eg feminism, fascism, communism, socialism, Nazism.
If you say that the best laws are the ones that were thought up by the god of your people you are never really sure if your people will always have a homeland to come home to eg Jews.
If you say that the best laws are the ones thought up by a UNIVERSAL God who is OMNIPOTENT, OMNISCIENT and MORALLY-PERFECT for all people of all nations for the whole wide world then you have more of a chance of keeping those laws in force.

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