Thursday, 4 December 2014

Do luxury hotels in Kenya allow breastfeeding in their tea rooms?

Breastfeeding: A Feminist Issue

Breastfeeding challenges views of the breast as primarily a sex object.  

This will confuse, arouse and disgust men.  Yay, says the feminazis.

Breastfeeding requires a new definition of women's work - one that more realistically integrates women's productive activities. 

In the sexual division of labour, infant care usually falls to women. It is women who have the capacity to provide food for their infants, ensuring women's self-reliance and their infants' survival for the first few months of life. Women give birth and produce milk. If the work of breastfeeding is valued as productive work, not a woman's duty, then conditions for its successful integration with other activities must be arranged. 

These arrangements include legislation to provide maternity leaves and nursing breaks, affordable child-care and other strategies developed by women workers. A woman-centred definition of work must take into consideration the importance of nurturance and caring, including breastfeeding. 

As well as tea breaks women can now have breastfeeding breaks when they bring their babies to work, making the workplace less efficient and their work less productive, raising labour costs and further burdening the economy with debt and inefficiency just to appease the feminazis that Western men are too frightened to challenge because they have been emasculated by feminism.

The ones who say they don't mind are secretly or not so secretly aroused watching a mother suckle her baby and are so sexually deprived that they know that there is probably no other way they can be in the same room with a woman with her breast exposed and the idea just turns them on. Sad but true.

Violence against women

Pregnant and lactating women are particularly vulnerable to abuse. Obstacles to breastfeeding such as inappropriate hospital practices and promotion of infant formula are also examples of violence against women. 

This is a very wide definition of violence intended to shut men up and make them afraid to protest.

In Britain, where the women are shockingly promiscuous and virtually every woman a slut, men have been bribed by cheap slut sex to keep them quiescent.

Fewer and fewer British men marry and those who have are afraid of their ex-wives depriving them of their home and their children under the rules of no fault divorce implemented by the feminazi Family Courts run by feminazis and their libtard running dogs, subject to reporting restrictions.

In the UK Family Courts, no one can hear you scream.  

The degenerate principles of ‘no-fault’ divorce

Even the husband of this feminazi will probably be too afraid to remonstrate with her for kicking up this fuss because she can divorce him JUST LIKE THAT.

The disgusting totalitarian thought-crime legislation that is the Equality Act 2010 has no respect for freedom of belief, freedom of contract and the right to property.

If Africans sometimes wonder why the West is now degenerate and why there is a paedophile under every British bush, then this is the reason. The women have taken over all the major organs of state, and that ain't good.

The Bhagavad Gita:

"Out of the corruption of women proceeds the corruption of races; out of the corruption of races, the loss of memory; out of the loss of memory, the loss of understanding, and out of this all evil."

Feminazis have no respect for the principles of liberty and UKIP too scared to challenge them

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