Tuesday, 23 December 2014

How Claire Khaw would have dealt with the Roger Bird affair if she had been UKIP leader

The suspended UKIP general secretary Roger Bird was noticed to have been pushing candidate Natasha Bolter for every winnable seat including, you guessed it, South Basildon and East Thurrock.

"While the NEC is satisfied that Roger Bird is not guilty of sexual harassment, it cannot be denied that he was guilty of a grave error of judgement in allowing his brain to fall out of his head and letting his sex organ take over his better judgement, and that is why he is being asked to leave his post.

Contrary to what Michael Crick said, Lisa Duffy will not be replacing Roger Bird. Women wield a disproportionate amount of power in UKIP and it is now time that this problem be addressed by not appointing a woman to any important post unless she is truly suited for the job.  

UKIP is not to be the party of window dressing and tokenism but hopes to be the party of genuine political talent of genuine principle known for behaving honourably towards party members and to the voting public.  

Vulnerable men in public life who can't say no to no-strings sex with sluts must be protected from neurotic and malicious sluts and UKIP will propose whatever that is necessary to protect vulnerable men in public life from neurotic and malicious reputation-damaging sluts by adopting the policy of slut-shaming.  

UKIP proposes the following slut-shaming measures:

  1. lashing Slut Single Mothers 100 times per illegitimate offspring
  2. lashing any man convicted of impregnating any Slut Single Mother 100 times per illegitimate offspring
  3. repealing the Equality Act 2010 in its entirety
  4. abolishing no fault divorce  

All the great institutions of state have now been colonised and conquered by feminazis and it is now time to tell that they are not wanted and that their time would be better spent making their husbands think that marrying them was not the greatest mistake they made in their lives and seeing to it that their children are a credit to them.  

If these feminazis are now too old, ugly and bitter for marriage they could start working in brothels that UKIP propose to legalise. Not all women working in brothels need necessarily be prostitutes since cleaners, beauticians, security guards, book-keepers, childminders of prostitute mothers, interior designers and other work related to brothel-keeping will be needed for this line of business. 

It is UKIP's patriotic intention to make Britain the Bangkok of the West and to see to it that the services of British prostitutes will be internationally renowned for their excellence and value for money."

To be fair to UKIP, I think even Roger Bird himself would be the first to admit that he made an error of judgement to go out of his way to prefer that malicious ex-Labour flake. For that he should have been punished in some way, but UKIP have decided to say that his behaviour did not compromise its candidate selection procedure when it undeniably did.

UKIP could easily have said:

"We find you not guilty of sexual harassment but guilty of compromising our strict candidate selection procedures whose rules you went out of your way to relax in favour of the sexual favours of the woman who betrayed you publicly and for whom you so foolishly harboured amorous intentions. In short, we find that you have made an egregious error of judgement and what happens to you now should be a warning to other men."

So perhaps in reputational terms he got off lightly.

One hopes that he has learned his lesson, and it is a lesson that any man should learn well to avoid being compromised by accepting sex by an apparently stupid woman lower in position and wealth.

Politics is like wading through poo in the dark not knowing how wide or how deep the river is. UKIP is not exactly stuffed with political talent and Roger who is more than presentable and is not to be compared with the likes of Kerry Smith.

UKIP should protect and nurture what little talent it has, not hang them out to try the moment the howling mob starts howling a little louder. The mob will only respect you if you defy it.

I like to think it is possible that Roger could still stand as a UKIP  PPC in May 2015 even though he has been made to fall on his sword on this matter when he allowed his judgement to be swayed by lust for a stupid, neurotic and malicious woman whom he is magnanimous and well brought-up enough to say a prayer for.

At any rate, no one can now accuse Roger of being racist!

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