Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Returning Western bleeding heart women bring Ebola to the West

This is what drives non-Muslims to join ISIS, probably.

Self-loathing and loathing of one's government, loathing of being pussywhipped, and loathing of one's pussywhipped government all afraid of fucking sluts.

Reading this kind of SHIT at

Daniel Confino was basically banned for daring to complain about the treatment meted out to him by some tea ladies he called "idiotic bitches".

Apparently, in Britain, it is no longer permissible to insult a woman however poor the service you receive from her and however insolent she is.

If you do, the matriarchy will pull out all the stops to have you punished for being rude to "idiotic bitches".

Oh, don't worry about me, MI5 and MI6, I am too old to be an ISIS bride and no one would want me anyway.

But I digress.

When this bleeding heart health worker arrives in London, she will be near Hampstead Heath where all the bleeding heart liberals of London are largely concentrated ....

If we all catch Ebola in the end, the bleeding heart chatterati of Hampstead will get it first and die first, while the rest of us have time to gloat and cheer before expiring ourselves ....

That is almost a cheering prospect.

But tell me this before I die of Ebola, why is it always Western women who bring it back? Why are they more bleeding heart and libtard than men? Is it cos they are women and single women to boot? Are single women driven to these acts of bleeding heartery at the expense of their countrymen and their society?

Why is the government allowing this?  Is it cos they are afraid of alienating the single female vote?

How do you feel about having everything about this country being subverted to the wishes, preferences and whims of the selfish single woman who doesn't give a damn about her countrymen let alone the long term national interest?

How long do you think Western civilisation will survive when all its institutions have been subverted to catering to the whims of this kind of voter?

How chasing the female vote increased our taxes and the size of the state while reducing our liberties

Ebola doctoress hailed as heroine by libtard men

My complaint to The Today Programme about an Ebola female doctor's bad grammar

The self-evident truth that feminism denies

83% of female MPs voted for gay marriage while only 48% of male MPs did. What does this say about feminism?

It has been pointed out to me that Nurse William Pooley is male. Beta males do behave like women though. 


CL said...

But Claire you single out women, there are stupid men who go out there as well, like that one who caught ebola & recovered.

Claire Khaw said...

Point taken about William Pooley, but it is still true that most of them are women.

Beta males behave like women too in their lack of courage, lack of initiative and innate masochism while proclaiming their loyalty.