Friday, 26 December 2014

Traditional Britain Group too afraid to denounce feminism

How do I know? Because I have been declared persona non grata at TBG.


Because I denounce feminism, though they have not said so officially.

I suppose I should be grateful or I would have paid £35 to listen to these speeches and wasted a whole day.

Stupendously dull speeches except for Godfrey Bloom's (and he didn't even suggest any solutions), but I have - repeal Equality Act 2010 and abolish no fault divorce - simple and easy to remember.

Godfrey Bloom tells Claire Khaw he wants to repeal the Equality Act 2010

I have been frozen out by these dull old men because I denounce feminism. Do these dull old men like feminism? Of course not. Why don't they denounce it then? Because they are afraid. But if I do their job for them then I get all the credit, and that won't do either.

That is the only explanation for their apparently inexplicable behaviour.

Keir Martland: Family Structures, The Privatisation of Offspring
Transcript of Keir Martland's speech

Professor John Kersey - 'Music and Culture'

Professor Tomislav Sunić - ‘Modern education and the destruction of culture'

Godfrey Bloom on Libertarianism and Traditionalism

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