Friday, 12 December 2014

Yahya Birt cannot bring himself to discuss the perniciousness of feminism and has blocked me

Yahya Birt - Muslim convert still too libtard to discuss feminism and the harm it has done

An interview with the Muslim convert still too libtard to discuss feminism honestly


snork maiden said...

So you bombarded him with slur filled tweets that pushed your own personal agenda and eventually started calling him a libtard and he blocked you? Well fancy that. I think drunken tramps who stand yelling obscenities in the street have a similar problem getting people to engage in civilized debate with them.

Claire Khaw said...

He may have converted to Islam but he is still as terrified of criticising feminism as the average libtard. You will have noticed that he has nothing much to say about anything. I have crossed swords with him before and he really has NOTHING TO SAY ABOUT ANYTHING.

I thought I put my views across quite succinctly.