Thursday, 29 January 2015

A suggested new way of conducting rape trials under feminazi DPP's new rule that accused must prove complainant consented

Police given new guidance to combat rape 'myths'

What can you do if you are a man wanting to protest against feminazi defenestration of the presumption of innocence?

All you can do is vote for this pathetic beta male whose beta male prospective parliamentary candidates will never get anywhere.

Beta male Mike Buchanan and his beta male supporters who are not up to supporting the institution of marriage refuse to accept that the only way men can get back their former status is to collectively respect marriage, which logically and necessarily means forbidding extramarital sex. I know they are all unmarriageable and don't want to marry anyway. And that is why the future is Islamic because Muslims are now the only people in the West prepared to forbid extramarital sex to re-establish the patriarchy and defenestrate the matriarchy.

How many votes do you think Mike Buchanan's antifeminist party will get?

UKIP, as you can see from are too terrified of alienating the female vote to tackle this.

Remember, feminism is about getting men hooked on slut sex and then accusing them of rape when the slut in question is neurotic, malicious or cannot remember why she fucked him and decides to retrospectively withdraw consent.

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