Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Are Charlie Hebdo now really *really* REALLY asking for it?

Libtards are now definitely asking for it. If the remaining members of Charlie Hebdo get gunned down, how many Islamophobes - who are "right-wing" and also despise libtards eg Catholics like Bill Donohue - will also derive a sense of grim satisfaction?

My mother - neither Muslim nor Catholic - said they "deserved it" - her very words.

Is what the libtards are doing the equivalent of a naughty child being punished and then having a tantrum after being punished?

What should a sensible parent do to such a child? Further punishment should follow, I would have thought.

What properly brought up child is allowed by its parents to go around being gratuitously offensive to people whose religion it does not share?

Are even terrorists saying that gunning down people should not be a crime? No, not even Islamic State or Al Qaeda are saying that. The terrorists knew that they would die for doing what they did, and it seems they willingly paid the price.

If the law allows adults to drink alcohol, it is not tantamount to saying that being drunk and disorderly should not be a crime, is it?

Privileges abused will be withdrawn, as my headmistress Miss Howe once said.

Before anyone accuses me of encouraging or justifying terrorism, I would argue that deriving grim satisfaction after having one's warnings ignored is not the same. If I warn an attractive woman not to go out provocatively dressed to a high-crime neighbourhood in the middle of the night to avoid rape and robbery, and she ignores my warnings and suffers rape and robbery, I can hardly be accused of encouraging rape and robbery if I was not the one who robbed and raped her and never had any contact with the criminal who robbed and raped her. Am I not allowed to say "I told you so" or "I was right" or "You should have listened to me" and even gloat a little to my friends? If libtards say I should be punished by law for doing so, then they do not really believe in free speech, do they?

If that is indeed what they say, then they are the hypocrites and cowards who do not even practise what they preach.

If this is the case, then this free speech that these libtards keep waxing lyrical about is nothing more than their free speech to mock and taunt and cause gratuitous offence to those who do not share their views and their beliefs.

If I am arrested by the police for encouraging or glorifying terrorism, then you will know the answer to this question, won't you?

Are libtards really just out of control children and liberal governments like an unfit mother addicted to drugs and sleeping around who has lost control of her delinquent children?

Is Francois Hollande like the male equivalent of that when he installed the First Slut at the French Presidential Palace instead of a woman who should have been his wife?

Valerie Trierweiler - The former First Slut of France
Her book can be obtained at

If so, then it is only a matter of time before Islamic State come and take us over.  (Perhaps Islamic State is a bit like Social Services who come and take away the feral children of unfit mothers and then have them adopted?)

The gunning down of Charlie Hebdo is part of the eternal battle of the sexes

Anjem Choudary: Insulting Islam and Muslims is "part of the war that is taking place".

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