Friday, 9 January 2015

How free is speech in the West when you can be imprisoned for saying the wrong number?

  1. Austria
  2. Belgium
  3. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  4. Czech Republic
  5. France
  6. Germany
  7. Hungary
  8. Israel (is a Western colonial outpost, of course) 
  9. Liechtenstein
  10. Lithuania
  11. Luxembourg
  12. Netherlands
  13. Poland
  14. Portugal
  15. Romania
  16. Spain
  17. Switzerland
are countries in which you could be imprisoned for saying the wrong number.  

BRITISH HISTORIAN DAVID IRVING was ambushed by eight Austrian Staatspolizei (Stapo) officers at gunpoint on November 11, 2005 when visiting Vienna to speak to university students on Adolf Eichmann, Joel Brand, and British code-breaking revelations. The arrest warrant had been issued 16 years earlier, November 8, 1989, at the written demand (Anzeige) of a Communist-front body, the Dokumentations-Archiv des Osterreichischen Widerstands (Document Center of the Austrian Resistance), issued the day before, as court records revealed. Mr. Irving was charged under Austria's 1945 "Verbotsgesetz" (Banning Law) with having uttered illegal opinions on history at a 1989 talk. On February 20, 2006 at a show trial staged in Austria's largest criminal courtroom with 200 spectators, he was sentenced to three years in jail. His lawyers triumphed in the Court of Appeal and he was released on Dec 21, 2006 after 400 days in solitary confinement in Austria's oldest jailhouse.

What number is Holocaust Denial? 

"An order of magnitude"? What does this mean? What is the number below which I cannot go if I were to speculate on how many Jews were killed by the Nazis in any of these 17 countries?

BBC reporter faces calls to resign after he tells daughter of Holocaust survivors after Paris attacks: 'Palestinians suffer hugely at Jewish hands as well'


C Rehill said...

I have no time for deniers of the Shoah. It may not have been 6 million exactly but when one starts down that road it leads to fools saying only a few died or "9/11 an inside job".

Claire Khaw said...

Would you like to introduce Holocaust Denial laws to the UK?

Adam said...

Nicely researched, Claire. I like the wrong number bit. Subtle but true.