Monday, 12 January 2015

"ISIS is already here, we are in your PCs, in each military base"

Another ISIS success story.

All it takes is enough of them to start people rooting for ISIS and praying for the downfall of their own governments.

Most of us are sheeple, or like the lionesses in the harem of a lion. When another lion approaches and challenges the lion for sexual access to his harem, the members of the harem look on with interest , but do not assist, resigned to submitting to the victor.

The harem do not assist even though they know that their cubs will be killed by the victor. This is because they know that if their present lord and master wins, life will go on as before. If he does not, then they will be impregnated by the victor and have his cubs, whose genetic quality they expect to be superior to the cubs of their vanquished former master.

Have you ever watched a boxing match wanting a certain boxer to win, and then found yourself rooting for the underdog if he boxes more bravely and cleverly than the one who was your favourite to win?

Sometimes, war is a bit like that, and let us be in no doubt that this is a war.

As Clausewitz said, "War is a continuation of policy by other means."

He also said that "The purpose of war is to bring about peace."

Who is really fighting whom over what in this Third World War that has already started?

The answer is at

When the hurly burly's done, when the battle's lost and won, we shall have peace, one way or another, perhaps of the Islamic kind.

We have all taken a step backward now, because we no longer believe in the absolute superiority of our culture or our ideology. How can we when we see what fools our compatriots are, and what knaves and donkeys are those who presume to lead us?

Libtards of the West have all been injected with moral relativism and multiculturalism since birth. Englishman have been suckling at the teat of Mother Coward and many still do greedily. Cowardice is considered reasonable and wise, courage foolish and extremist.

Such men are not moved by truth or reason and can only be spurred into action by hope of gain or fear of punishment. Most of them do not know what a principle is much less the purpose it is supposed to serve, so eagerly do they worship at the clay feet of the cruel deity called Expediency.

Our sense of social cohesion is therefore weak and our politicians despised for their mendacity, incompetence, cowardice and hypocrisy.

They are also despised because they refuse to acknowledge the problems much less discuss the painful procedures to be undergone and bitter medicine to be ingested that must necessary for recovery.

The operation of democracy prevents past mistakes from being corrected and our course - straight for the rocks - from being changed.

I have long ago come to the conclusion that democracy, just like any old demented tyrant, cannot be reformed. We just have to wait patiently for him to die or for someone else to depose him, and pray that the new government will not be worse.

Perhaps it was always ever thus.

Most of us are atheists, believing that a live coward is better than a dead hero, and our instinct for self-preservation more engaged than our sense of principle, where found.

The women will not fight, of course, but the men will not fight either. Only men with a stake in society fight hard to retain what they have, be it property, wives and children. Most men in the West are estranged from their womenfolk, however. Such men will not fight hard or at all, because they no longer have a stake in society, their matrimonial homes long since given up to their ex-wives, deprived of contact and influence over their children, senescent and bitter after having the stuffing knocked out of them by their ex-wives and subsequent unsatisfactory female partners.

Women secretly love a warrior whom they fear a little, and despise the new man who earns less than they do staying home as a house husband to whom they are probably opportunistically unfaithful.

Most women don't know what they want, and secretly appreciate having boundaries set on their behaviour. Perhaps it will not be too long before they get what they need, even if they do not think at the moment that they want it.

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