Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Jim Kay's illustration of Harry Potter's Ron Weasley probably not an attempt to portray the wholesomeness of British boyhood in the 21st century

Would you let a child looking like that anywhere near your child? How many drugs do you think he has already taken and how many foul perverted acts of under-aged sex, with his depraved squint and weird twisted mouth? Is this drawing a fair representation of the face of British boyhood in the 21st century? Perhaps this foul portrait is Jim Kay trying to be with it and cool to the children of the West in the 21st  century. If this "portrait" does not arouse in you feelings of disgust, horror and rage, you are probably a libtard. 

Lewis Daynes who cut the throat of Breck Bednar after luring him into his home and then shared photographs of the dead boy with friends via email.

King John of Magna Carta

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