Monday, 12 January 2015

Some questions for libertarians about thoughtcrime legislation in the UK and why Nigel Farage hasn't noticed

  1. Why hasn't Nigel Farage noticed that the Equality Act 2010 satisfies all the conditions of thoughtcrime?
  2.  Is Nigel Farage afraid of alienating the female vote if he proposes to repeal the Equality Act 2010?
  3. Are all political parties in the UK afraid of alienating the female vote?
  4. What does it say about British men if they are all afraid of women who want thoughtcrime legislation unrepealed?
  5. Is there a masculinity crisis in Britain, and if so, when did it begin?
  6. Could it be said that the crisis of masculinity began when Maggie Thatcher became Prime Minister, because it meant that there were no real men in the British political establishment at all as long ago as 1979?
  7. Have all the political parties of Britain and the West chasing the female vote increased our taxes and restricted our liberties?
  8. Would proposing to narrow the franchise to taxpayers only solve the problem of the socially parasitical voting for higher taxes to fund public spending at the expense of the productive?
  9. How likely is any leader of any political party prepared to admit these truths when all the men in the West have turned into women in denial where cowardice, avoidance and self-censorship is normal and congenital?
  10. If the problems are not acknowledged, how likely are they to be addressed, let alone solved?
  11. If the problems will neither be acknowledged nor addressed because all the gelded men in the West have lost their guts, brains and balls, will things just get worse and worse until the government collapses and ISIS take over?
  12. "The only way to have a rationally small government is to impose a theocracy." What could this possibly mean?
  13. Are libertarians pussy-whipped beta males who are charisma-free zones too afraid to discuss feminism let alone challenge the feminazis already in charge of the ship of state?  
  14. If leaders of political parties are afraid of omega females - and Slut Single Mothers are indeed omega females because they are the least desirable female partner a man would want if he were looking for a wife and mother of his legitimate children - then Britain does not have an alpha male. Does a country with no alpha male whose men are afraid of the lowest of its women deserve any respect?

Listen to a bunch of libertarian talking heads wittering on about libertarianism not answering any of the above questions

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