Thursday, 15 January 2015

Claire Khaw blames British women for the crude seduction methods of British men

Reminders of last night on my phone, from a man I had just met yesterday evening:

0:24 "I would have ridden you senseless tonight. But you chose another path. So, good luck with that." 

0:27 "You need to prove - very soon - that you want a good seeing to. Or I will lose interest and move on"

0:29 "I offered you a 'last chance saloon' situation. And you gave nil encouragement"

0:59 "Good night, Claire. Do me a kindness, please - do tell me when you next pull. Not anything made up; just the 'for real' bits. x"

1:24 "OK, so not answering phone. That is OK, for sure. Just wondering, how is your pussy? It really should be wet - or getting wetted now x" 

1:25 "Is about ten years since I did 'phone sex' "

7:34 "I woke while dreaming I was having a blo-job from you "

At no time did I give him any encouragement except perhaps giving him my number.

I did not pick him up at a party or a club.

At no time was I alone with him.

We had roughly the same amount to drink, as far as I know, and I even had a chaser before we all left the pub together at closing time.

It is very odd that he thought he could just come home with me, but this is not the first time that a man thought he could just come home with me. The previous one was wearing a very good suit. Both would be what one would consider educated and professional.

I suppose I should feel flattered, but I am just a little bemused at what passes for "courtship" these days.

Or should I be insulted that he thought this would work with me?

Or should I be alarmed that such crude methods have been known to work, which is why I keep coming across "practitioners" of such methods?

 I got a text from him at 9:06:

"Sorry about le crudite - think I was a bit drunk when I woke up this morning ... !"

He did not have more to drink than me, and I had a whiskey chaser towards the end of the evening.

You cannot be that drunk if you can use the semi-colon.

Men have been known to promise me orgasms as a kind of inducement for me to have sex with them.

I prefer offers of hospitality and entertainment.

Do I really need to say that?

Mind you, sometimes they do, but even after that I do not feel obliged to have sex with them.

Years ago, one of these men did indeed buy me a nice dinner at a nice restaurant, and then expected sex with me.

I knew he was a bit of a Romeo anyway, but after he became bitter and angry that I wouldn't have sex with him and started slagging me off on Facebook, a few of his exes came out of the woodwork and started complaining about him.

One of them had car sex with him, and he didn't even buy her dinner.

She said she didn't even fancy him and so I asked her why she had sex with him then.

She could never explain it.

I think so many British men are like this because British women - who are mostly sluts - allow them get away with it.

Let me just say I do not bear him any ill-will but rather regard him more as part of an unwelcome social phenomenon. I am not personally offended - even if I am existentially alarmed - and intend to take it in the complimentary spirit in which it was intended.

I blog about it as an "O tempora! O mores" comment of our times. 


AB said...

Hmmm. Yes. To be insulted or flattered. If I were to text such comments without being able to demonstrate that I was receiving "encouragement" then perhaps I ought to be concerned that those comments would be reported to police or posted on FB! I trust you did say "stop" at some point...if not then you have been flattered, or curious, or both.

Claire Khaw said...

That he was being given "nil encouragement" was acknowledged by him in one of the messages.

Anonymous said...

Come on, name him!

AB said...

In which case I'd be even more concerned as any potential defence has been weakened. This guy will find himself in real problems if he carries on like this with less-mentally balanced females. But did you actively say "stop" or simply expect your lack of response being enough to declare your lack of interest, Claire?

AS said...

Claire isn't at all wrong, Most modern women are sluts which makes it harder to find a suitable mate who also shares Conservative views.

Claire Khaw said...

If you have had a lot to drink you tend to sleep quite well, so no, I didn't tell him to stop because I slept through his texts.

I thought my strategy was sound: to ignore him till he realised that he was not going to get a response till he apologised, which in the end he did, and which I have accepted.

Claire Khaw said...

No, Anonymous, I shall not name him. He has apologised, and I have accepted his apology.