Thursday, 22 January 2015

Who is "Samuel Young MP" who claimed that the late Christina Annesley accused him of grooming her online?

Me:   So what happened between you and Christina Annesley?

He:    Nothing exciting, I followed her on twitter a couple of years ago, once I complimented her on some article she'd written...
and she basically went ape shit and complained I was trying to get with her. At the time I just blocked and left it at that
But I didn't forget, and the selfish reaction to a bona fide compliment still hurt.
I did ask her a few questions almost two years ago non-anonymously and you can find them if you scroll right back, if you care enough and can be bothered.

Thailand backpacker death: Christina Annesley in mystery death on double Brit-murder island
Koh Tao = Triple Brit-murder island?

The hysterical reaction to my asking this question can be found at

Libertarian ‘free spirit’ found by resort staff after seeking treatment for chest infection

Christina Annesley tweeted: 'Am now lying on a sunbed with an alcopop and a bucketload of Tramadol, so feeling a bit better.'

Alcohol can cause a serious reaction when combined with these medications. Symptoms of this reaction can include: breathlessness headaches chest pain skin flushing increased, or irregular, heartbeat lightheadedness nausea and vomiting 

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