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John Sawers another Neocon who thinks Islam should fit in with Western liberal values

Neoconning Sir John Sawers, ex-MI6 chief, warns of Russia 'danger'
Patrick Buchanan challenges the hegemonist vision of US foreign policy and cites warnings from history

From 47th minute

Until a few months ago Sir John Sawers was the chief of the Secret Intelligence Service MI6 - he led it for five years - a period which included the beginning of the war in Syria -- a conflict that thousands of fighters from western Europe are thought to have joined. Sir John is now chairman of Macro Advisory Partners - and has been speaking to this programme in his first interview since leaving office.

From 1:34 minute:

There are 'several thousand' individuals in the UK of concern to the security services - that is the assessment of the former chief of the Secret Intelligence Service Sir John Sawers - now Chairman of Macro Advisory Partners - in an interview with this programme. The number raises questions about the tactics used to identify and monitor such individuals. The Conservative MP David Davis is calling today for the emphasis to be on prosecuting rather than disrupting the lives of suspects. We hear again from Sir John Sawers.


There are several thousand individuals of concern to the security services, that is the assessment of the former chief of the Secret Intelligence Service Sir John Sawers - now Chairman of Macro Advisory Partners. In an interview with this programme he has talked about this number which raises questions about tactics used to identify and monitor such individuals. The Conservative MP David Davis is calling today for the emphasis to be on prosecuting rather than disrupting the lives of suspects, I asked Sir John about the arguments about the treatment of Mohammed Emwazi and Lee Rigby's killer Michael Adebolajo may have played a role in their radicalisation.

Sir John:

In general I think that is a very specious argument. These people draw attention to themselves because of their activity, their participation in extremist and sometimes terrorist circles so of course they draw attention to themselves. But the very idea that being spoken to by MI5 is a radicalising act ...  I think this is a very false and very transparent.


But there are judgements that these agencies have to make all the time on individuals in deciding whether they are someone you want to try to win over or whether they are someone who will never be on our side and has therefore to be watched very closely at the very least.

Sir John:

That's true. Intelligence Services are there to gather intelligence and so identifying sources are a very high priority but when you can't gather intelligence the second priority is to disrupt and prevent them and deter them from going ahead with plans to go to terrorist camps or mix with extremist circles where they might get weapons training or whatever.


There's a lot that has been said about how people are radicalised and increasingly now we hear about the Internet perhaps more than anything else. A lot less seems to be understood about why people are being radicalised and why people are being radicalised in Europe in the numbers you are speaking about - several thousand extremists in this country. Why do you think that young British Muslims appear to be vulnerable in this way?

Sir John:

I am not an expert in this area. I headed the Overseas Intelligence Agency MI6 not the Domestic Security Agency MI5,


But the two have come closer, haven't they?

Sir John:

They have come closer but obviously understanding and penetrating terrorist organisations was what MI6 has been doing. But you ask why people are radicalised. There are two main answers: one is that people in this country are not as integrated as we would like them to be. Other religions whether they are Hindus or Sikhs or Jews are very well-integrated into this country, Muslims are less well-integrated and there are a number of social and economic factors that are related to that. The second problem relates to Islam itself, and there are many competing branches of Islam, there are schisms there: Shia and Sunni, different branches of Shia and Sunni Islam and many of this goes back to interpretations of doctrine and decisions taken in the first century of the religion. The Islamic religion as a whole is not well-geared to reviving and modernising itself so it meets the values and norms of 21st century society so there is a big political challenge which can only be taken up by leaders in the Islamic world.


And yet it is such a pressing issue for society in this country. For example we ran a poll of opinion this week amongst British Muslims in which 20% said Western liberal society can never be compatible with Islam.

Sir John:

I hope that's not the case. I certainly don't believe it is the case. In many ways the principles of Islam are similar to the principles of Christianity and Judaism. They are three very similar religions which have developed in similar ways but I think the idea that different religions are incompatible is simply not true.


But if that is the view that is held in that way then surely that is not just a debate for leaders in the Muslim world to sort out. This is a debate we need to have in this country. These are views we need to address in this country.

Sir John:

We do and I agree. The point I was trying to make was that we can't solve the problems inside Islam and if the West tries to it could well be counter-productive. Ultimately, if Islam is to go through some process of modernisation, of resolving some of its historic differences and doing it at a political level rather than a religious level then it has got to come from out of the Islamic world.

Clearly, neither of them have heard of Secular Koranism! It is explained at

Friday, 27 February 2015

Why blowjob offering slut Zenna Atkins should resign as Chair of School Governors

"I asked four prominent educational figures for their opinions. Only one had met her, and that briefly. "Not," he said, rather primly, "the kind of person I would have expected to be chair of Ofsted."

Indeed not. It is not just that Atkins, in appearance, speech and manner, carries a distinctly raunchy air about herself, reminding you of the caricatured barmaids featured in film and TV comedies of the last 60 years. It is also that her own education was, as she puts it, "11 years of unbridled misery during which I achieved absolutely nothing". She couldn't read until she was nearly 12, managed just one O-level, failed English three times ("I didn't just fail!" she shrieks. "I was unclassified! It was cataclysmic!") and was thrown out of private school at 16, the headteacher's verdict that "you'll never amount to anything" ringing in her ears. 

Her godmother, an old friend of her mother's, was Shirley Conran, author of Superwoman."

The fact that that slag Shirley Conran was given an OBE yet more evidence that we live in a pornocratic matriarchy

Why Jasper Conran no longer speaks to his mother

Zenna Atkins doesn't sound at all the kind of person who should have anything to do with education, much less be in a position of seniority and influence.  What is the secret of her success? The assiduity with which she offers blowjobs to men in positions of power? One does rather wonder.

Should self-confessed *SLUT* Zenna Atkins resign as Chair of School Governors?

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Which court tried and convicted Jimmy Savile? It was the Supreme Court of Trial by Media and Public Opinion

Our legal establishment does not have anyone capable of pointing out that no court in the land convicted him.

We do know that the dead cannot be libelled, however.

If he could be resurrected to stand trial he would only be convicted on the testimony of weeping women who would gain financially if he were convicted, or what is laughably called British justice.

Should self-confessed *SLUT* Zenna Atkins resign as Chair of School Governors?

If you think self-confessed sluts who boast that they go around offering blow jobs to random men who decline them should not be Chair of School Governors, please email Liz Dawson whose email you can find at

Miss Atkins was head of Ofsted, the schools watchdog, from 2006 to 2010 and is now the chair of governors at the Portslade Aldridge Community Academy school in Brighton. She is also a shameless SLUT posting on Facebook that her offer of a blowjob to a man she found attractive was declined. Remember: STUPID SLUT is a pleonasm. If you are the parent of any child unfortunate enough to attend Portslade Aldridge Community Academy it is with this stupid slut your child's school will be associated.  

Ex-Ofsted chief infuriates parents by boasting about sex acts on Facebook

Portslade Aldridge Community Academy is a school that requires improvement. It is not good because

  • Teaching was not good enough in the first year of the academy, so students did lesswell than they should have done in their GCSE examinations, especially in mathematics.
  • Students make very different progress in different subjects, because subject leaders are not equally good at making sure everyone does the best they can.
  • The sixth form requires improvement. Students achieve better on some courses than onothers, often because they have not been guided to make choices best suited to their abilities.
  • Some staff struggle to manage the behaviour of the most challenging students.
  • Gaps in achievement between different groups of students are too wide.
  • The Principal and senior leaders did not do enough to make sure that teaching and achievement were good in the academy’s first year.

How likely is a self-confessed slut like Zenna Atkins to improve this school?

Are sluts like her responsible for the idea that 5 year old children in primary schools should be given sex education? I think we should be told.

Why blowjob offering slut Zenna Atkins should resign as Chair of School Governors

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Can we be ACCIDENTALLY racist?

From the 32nd minute:

Paddy O'Donell:

Councillor Rozanne Duncan's comments - are they racist?

Nigel Farage:

"Yes, undoubtedly; they were horrible, and that's why we got rid of her."

When asked by LBC if she wanted to tackle her irrational prejudice, Duncan said she felt no reason to.

"I hardly see any [black people] here. There are so few here. There is no reason to have any contact with them. We choose our social friends by virtue of our habits, our likes and dislikes. Our close friends are dog lovers and smokers. I can't think of anywhere in Thanet where there are any and it's not that I choose to live here because of that."

But would she like to visit a part of the country where there was more of a mix of people, in order to confront her prejudice? The answer would be no, but she doesn't mind seeing black people when she's on holiday, in the same way she doesn't mind seeing snails on a foreign menu.

"I wouldn't want to address it in that way, no. But I have travelled and been to other parts of the country. I went sailing in the Caribbean for instance. That was ok. It's their country. If you go to another country, you should adopt their ethos. In France you expect to see snails on the menu, whether you like them or not."

Probed later on whether she had had dinner in a restaurant with black people while in the Caribbean, Duncan admitted that she had, despite then being reminded that she had said she would prefer not to go to a dinner party with a black person.

So would she still prefer not to go? "Not by choice." Except when in Caribbean? "It really is a problem for me."

Monday, 23 February 2015

Has Nigel Farage defamed Rozanne Duncan by calling her racist?

Ex-UKIP councillor Rozanne Duncan: 'No regrets' over comments
Watch Ukip councillor's vile racist rant that lead to her sacking

Meet the Ukippers on BBC2

Morrissey's NME libel case: judge to decide on jury trial

Morrissey’s Defamation claim settles.

Supreme Court should give us a definition of racism NOW

Rozanne Duncan and Nigel Farage in happier times