Tuesday, 10 February 2015

78% of warmongering female MPs were Blair's Babes from Labour's all-women shortlists

Full breakdown of how MPs voted on the rebel amendment saying there was no moral case for war against Iraq.

Female Labour MPs who thought there was a moral case for war
  1. Ms Irene Adams (Paisley North)
  2. Ms Janet Anderson (Rossendale & Darwen)
  3. Ms Hilary Armstrong (Durham North West)
  4. Ms Candy Atherton (Falmouth & Camborne)
  5. Ms Charlotte Atkins (Staffordshire Moorlands)
  6. Mrs Margaret Beckett (Derby South)
  7. Ms Liz Blackman (Erewash)
  8. Ms Hazel Blears (Salford)
  9. Dr Lynda Clark (Edinburgh Pentlands)
  10. Ms Ann Clwyd (Cynon Valley)
  11. Ms Ann Coffey (Stockport)
  12. Ms Yvette Cooper (Pontefract & Castleford)
  13. Ms Jean Corston (Bristol East)
  14. Ms Claire Curtis-Thomas (Crosby)
  15. Ms Janet Dean (Burton)
  16. Ms Julia Drown (Swindon South)
  17. Mrs Gwyneth Dunwoody (Crewe & Nantwich)
  18. Ms Angela Eagle (Wallasey)
  19. Ms Maria Eagle (Liverpool Garston)
  20. Ms Louise Ellman (Liverpool Riverside)
  21. Ms Lorna Fitzsimons (Rochdale)
  22. Ms Caroline Flint (Don Valley)
  23. Ms Barbara Follett (Stevenage)
  24. Mrs Linda Gilroy (Plymouth Sutton)
  25. Ms Jane Griffiths (Reading East)
  26. Ms Harriet Harman (Camberwell & Peckham)
  27. Ms Patricia Hewitt (Leicester West)
  28. Mrs Margaret Hodge (Barking)
  29. Ms Beverley Hughes (Stretford & Urmston)
  30. Ms Melanie Johnson (Welwyn Hatfield)
  31. Ms Helen Jones (Warrington North)
  32. Ms Tessa Jowell (Dulwich & West Norwood)
  33. Ms Sally Keeble (Northampton North)
  34. Ms Ann Keen (Brentford & Isleworth)
  35. Ms Ruth Kelly (Bolton West)
  36. Ms Jane Kennedy (Liverpool Wavertree)
  37. Ms Oona King (Bethnal Green & Bow)
  38. Ms Jackie Lawrence (Preseli Pembrokeshire)
  39. Ms Helen Liddell (Airdrie & Shotts)
  40. Ms Siobhain McDonagh (Mitcham & Morden)
  41. Ms Fiona Mactaggart (Slough)
  42. Ms Anne McGuire (Stirling)
  43. Ms Shona McIsaac (Cleethorpes)
  44. Ms Rosemary McKenna (Cumbernauld & Kilsyth)
  45. Ms Gillian Merron (Lincoln)
  46. Ms Laura Moffatt (Crawley)
  47. Ms Margaret Moran (Luton South)
  48. Ms Estelle Morris (Birmingham Yardley)
  49. Ms Kali Mountford (Colne Valley)
  50. Ms Meg Munn (Sheffield Heeley)
  51. Mrs Anne Picking (East Lothian)
  52. Ms Bridget Prentice (Lewisham East)
  53. Ms Dawn Primarolo (Bristol South)
  54. Ms Barbara Roche (Hornsey & Wood Green)
  55. Ms Christine Russell (Chester, City of)
  56. Ms Clare Short (Birmingham Ladywood)
  57. Ms Angela Smith (Basildon)
  58. Ms Geraldine Smith (Morecambe & Lunesdale)
  59. Ms Jacqui Smith (Redditch)
  60. Ms Helen Southworth (Warrington South)
  61. Ms Rachel Squire (Dunfermline West)
  62. Dr Phyllis Starkey (Milton Keynes South West)
  63. Ms Gisela Stuart (Birmingham Edgbaston)
  64. Mrs Ann Taylor (Dewsbury)
  65. Ms Dari Taylor (Stockton South)

65 of the 83 or 78% of these warmongering cunts were Blair's Babes from Labour's all-women shortlists. 

Fuck these stupid warmongering cunts.

Female Tory MPs who thought there was a moral case for war
  1. Mrs Angela Watkinson (Upminster)
  2. Ms Claire Ward (Watford)
  3. Ms Rosie Winterton (Doncaster Central)
  4. Mrs Virginia Bottomley (Surrey South West)
  5. Mrs Angela Browning (Tiverton & Honiton)
  6. Mrs Cheryl Gillan (Chesham & Amersham)
  7. Miss Julie Kirkbride (Bromsgrove)
  8. Mrs Eleanor Laing (Epping Forest)
  9. Mrs Jacqui Lait (Beckenham)
  10. Mrs Theresa May (Maidenhead)
  11. Miss Anne McIntosh (Vale of York)
  12. Mrs Marion Roe (Broxbourne)
  13. Mrs Gillian Shephard (Norfolk South West)
  14. Mrs Caroline Spelman (Meriden)
  15. Miss Ann Widdecombe (Maidstone & The Weald)
  16. Mrs Ann Winterton (Congleton)

The above are warmongering cunts but these are Tory warmongering cunts, and only 29% of these warmongering cunts were Tory, who didn't have all-women shortlists.

There was not a single female Tory MP who rebelled against the invasion of Iraq.  

Female MPs are not even any good at preventing war and it appears that most females are sheeple and congenitally stupid or even more congenitally stupid than most male MPs.

How many people knew invading Iraq was wrong?

In London alone 1 million people knew it was wrong but most these fuckers in Parliament didn't, it seems. Or, they knew it was wrong and still voted for it anyway.,_2003_anti-war_protest#United_Kingdom

The British Stop the War Coalition (StWC) held a protest in London which it claimed was the largest political demonstration in the city's history. Police estimated attendance as well in excess of 750,000 people and the BBC estimated that around a million attended.  At the finish rally in Hyde Park, the organiser's announced 3 million attended. It remains probably the largest protest march in UK history. The protest was organised under the slogan "No war on Iraq - freedom for Palestine".

Time to tell feminism and Parliamentary democracy to fuck off, don't you think?

  1. Lady Sylvia Hermon (UUP Down North)
  2. Mrs Iris Robinson (DUP Strangford)

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