Sunday, 8 February 2015

Asghar Bukhari and Claire Khaw photographed together holding up our index finger signifying One God

I was mentioned in the following terms in this post of 6 January 2015:

Here is [Asghar Bukhari] on 22 July 2012 posing for a photo in the dubious company of Claire Khaw, the political blogger and former BNP member who was expelled for advocating infanticide against disabled children:


It would be unfair of me to assume that Bukhari was aware of exactly who this person is when she presumably approached him out of the blue and asked that he pose for a photo with her. It would also be unfair of me to imply some kind of guilt by association, but since I’m blocked from contacting him on Twitter I’ll have to leave it up to somebody else to ask him whether he knows this woman personally and agrees with her views.

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