Monday, 9 February 2015

Michael Shrimpton speaking at Alan Harvey's Swinton Circle

From the 24th minute Shrimpton gloats over the suicide of my friend the late Mike Smith. Harvey joins in and says Portchester Castle - where Mike threw himself off - is now his favourite castle. Harvey told me Mike took an instant dislike to him the moment he set eyes on him, which does rather show that Mike had very good instincts. My first contact with Shrimpton was through the Conservative Democrats Yahoo Group - now defunct - when I ran rings round him over his ridiculous assertions.

Michael Shrimpton: Barrister who claimed Nazi spies were planning to attack London Olympics with nuclear bomb is jailed

"You were told in strong terms not to interfere with matters which didn't involve you. And while I am not sentencing you for that matter it must be taken as an aggravating factor, as you committed them after this waning."

In mitigation his defence barrister William Clegg QC said: "There's is no real motive for this crime except to make himself feel important and he was passing on information to the authorities.

"The offence took place nearly three years ago, and it took 11 months for him to be charged. There has been delays which have not been his fault.

"I have to say this is a tragic case as he will no longer be able to continue on with the profession he loved and was his whole life.

"He will not be able to retrain and find employment and he faces years on benefits, until his pensionable age. He has no assets and was made bankrupt several years ago.

"He will also not be able to see his parents again, as they live in Australia and they are too ill to travel and with this conviction he will not be able to go and see them."

Jail for pervert barrister who said nuclear bomb would blow up the Queen at the London Olympics

Fantasist barrister faces jail for sparking security scare with claim that German spies were planning '24-style' nuclear attack on the Queen at London Olympics

Barrister made bomb hoax calls to Defence Secretary claiming London 2012 and the Queen were targets, court hears

'Michael Shrimpton is an unrelenting networker desperate to associate himself with people with real power and influence.

Michael Shrimpton – Barrister gets 12 months in prison

Michael Shrimpton’s professional fate in the hands of bar regulator as prison term comes in wake of child pornography conviction

Swinton Circle
Founded 17 January 2009 as a breakaway from the London Swinton Circle (LSC), the Swinton Circle is a patriotic Conservative discussion forum. It is anti-immigration and encourages non-Britons to repatriate to their countries of ethnic origin. The SC organises regular meetings in central London. It is run by an Executive Committee.

Founder and Chairman: Alan D. Harvey (founder, Patriotic Forum; former Editor, South African Patriot magazine, 1980-1987; member, National Front, 1974-1975; chairman, London Swinton Circle, 2007-October 2008, when he was expelled from the LSC)

I did ask if I could attend this meeting and am relieved I was deliberately excluded if only because Shrimpton badmouthed my late friend Mike Smith whom I would have felt honour-bound to defend afterwards and there could have been some unpleasantness.

The video does not get to the end of the speech, but I think you can tell that it was all over-excited and unsubstantiated blather well-received by people prepared to laugh at anything.

The talk was on 29 May 2014, I asked to attend on 27 May, but I did not get a response until Friday, 15 August 2014, 21:59!

Subject: Reply - 15 August 2014

Dear Claire,

Many thanks for this recent message enquiring about the Swinton Circle Spring Buffet where we welcomed Mr. Michael Shrimpton as guest speaker.

I will be totally honest with you about the reason why we have deleted your details from our circulation list. In April of last year you wrote to us recommending that we make contact with X, who you assured us was supportive of the patriotic aims and objectives of our movement. We had no reason to doubt the bona fides of X therefore, and indeed we invited him to attend our Spring Buffet of last year, as well as a subsequent couple of meetings staged by both the Swinton Circle and Springbok Club sides of our movement. He not only attended these meetings himself, but also brought along a former close colleague of mine, Y, who I had lost contact with when I was based in South Africa and who I was therefore cock-a-hoop to be able to make contact with again. After the Springbok Club's Rhodes & Founders celebration meeting of 27th July 2013, however, I was verbally attacked by X, who accused me of supporting "South African nationalism" (which could only possibly imply supporting the NP, a party which I spent all my 14 years in South Africa opposing - as can be confirmed by reading back issues of S.A.Patriot which I edited from 1981 until 1987) and "Rhodesian nationalism" (I have no idea what this curious phrase means as I never heard of the term "nationalism" during all my active involvement with the Save Rhodesia Campaign from 1977 until 1979 - unless he was referring to the ZANU-PF party of Robert Mugabe, a terrorist organisation which of course has always been my sworn enemy) - but then castigated me for not supporting "British nationalism", by which I subsequently learnt he meant supporting the neo-fascist "British National Party" (BNP). After this conversation became extremely heated, and X revealed that far from supporting the patriotic ideals of the Swinton Circle he actually opposed his own country in the War against Terror, and was even opposed to the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games being held in London! I'm afraid, furthermore, that both Y and your own beau Z indicated that they shared these unpatriotic sentiments of X.

Alas our problems with X didn't end there. He started sending me some abusive e-mails and FaceBook postings, and somehow managed to gain access to some vile and evil fabricated pornographic smear photographs which were claimed to be of me. This disgusting and easily-repudiated smear was first circulated in January 2011, and after I involved the police in the matter was revealed as having been concocted by a known ANC-operative. Happily I was able to have these depraved fabricated pictures removed from the Internet through legal action taken by legal contacts who I still retain in South Africa within a couple of months of them first appearing, so I therefore also took legal action against X by means of a lawyer's letter informing him that I would sue him if he was to re-circulate these offensive pictures in any way, and/or ever claimed that they were genuine. Fortunately I have head nothing further from X since this most distressing development, but the mystery still remains how he ever became aware of these evil fabricated pictures in the first place? The only explanation seems to be that he has connections with the ANC.

In spite of this most upsetting experience with X I decided to retain contact with Y. This was not only because I still harboured fond memories of our comradeship from the mid-1970s (when he clearly shared my own patriotic sentiments) but also because he informed me that he had fallen out with X himself. I honestly therefore believed that he had simply fallen into bad company which had influenced him for the bad, but alas this did not prove to be the case, for as communications between us developed it soon became apparent that he now harbours some most extreme anti-Semitic views, which actually go far beyond paranoia to the point of insanity. As you know, neither I nor the organisations which I hold office in will have anything to do with anti-Semitic poison, so I have therefore decided to drop all contact with Y also.

I'm sorry Claire, but I'm afraid that by introducing us to X you have caused extreme problems to both me personally and to our movement as a whole, from not one but from two individuals, who quite clearly not only do not share the basic patriotic sentiments which we stand for, but who furthermore are actually diametrically opposed to them. I'm afraid that you are judged by the company which you keep.

Yours sincerely,

Alan Harvey
Swinton Circle

CK to Alan Harvey
2320  8/2/15
"What happened to Michael Shrimpton, Alan?"

CK to Alan Harvey
1005 9/2/15
"Did Shrimpton suddenly go mad?"

Alan Harvey to CK
1031 9/2/15
"No, I don't think Michael went mad, he's simply been set up and victimised by the pro-German pro-EU elements. It seems much the same as the way I was wickedly smeared four years ago now, an evil libel which we know of course that your vile "friend" X was involved with, in the circulation if not the actual fabrication."

[I believe Harvey to be referring to the "nappy photos" referred to at" It has been said that they are more like "hanky and bandanna" pics.

CK to Alan Harvey
1035 to 9/2/15
"When did you last meet X? Was it really more than 4 years ago??"

Alan Harvey to CK
1112 9/2/15
"No, I only met the wretched X about two years ago - but the fabricated smear photos which he mysteriously knew about first appeared 4 years ago. I'm sorry Claire but if you're still connected to that piece of filth I don't want to know you either."

CK to Alan Harvey
1120  9/2/15
"If you didn't know X 4 years ago (and only met him 2 years ago) it seems illogical to think he was involved in what you are still complaining which happened 4 years ago!  X is a grown man older than me and I have no control over his behaviour. Was I even there when you disagreed about whatever you disagreed about? I am not X's keeper much less his mother!"


AK said...

So Mike Smith was a German agent as well?! Considering his fantasies might not a psychiatric unit be more appropriate place for Shrimpton?

Of course Shrimpton is not the only 'pervert' linked with Harvey and his sickly clique, there is of course Harvey's 'magus' John Pope de Locksley who was convicted in the 1970s.

Harvey himself is a fantasist, not least in his imaginative recreation of his past. In South Africa Harvey was prominent member of the neo-nazi group Blanke Bevrydingsbeweging - you can guess what they thought of Jews. Harvey was also involved with the National Front when he returned to England in the early 90's but he denies this because of why Ian Anderson removed him as an organiser in the Kent branch.

As the wikipedia entry shows Harvey was kicked out the Swinton Circle for being a Searchlight agent. It's fairly common for Harvey to be 'castigated' by British Nationalists for having turned traitor and betrayed the movement.

Anonymous said...

Poor Alan he seems to keep very queer company, and enjoys defaming the dead. Why does he always have to throw his toys out of his pram ? Whenever someone disagrees with him, or mentions his past he gets his knickers (or nappy ) in a right old twist.
Poor Alan