Sunday, 29 March 2015

God, marriage, division of labour, specialisation and social cohesion

I am perfectly ready to accept that what are said to be God's laws are merely the accumulated wisdom of Man attributed to God because saying these laws came from an omnipotent and perfectly moral God is the only way of making the stupid, venal and unprincipled - who would only do good if rewarded and refrain from evil only if punished, in this life and the next - obey these rules generation after generation. The strictures of Communism, Nazism, Liberalism etc are only obeyed for as long as the government promoting Communism, Nazism, Liberalism etc does not fall. There are some laws that are eternal and universal, and the rules of marriage comes to mind. For as long as there are men and women on earth, they will need to make bargains with each other based on the buying and selling of sexual services as well as services men are specially good at providing eg soldiering and labouring, and of course services that women are specially good at providing eg childcare, housekeeping and sexual services.

Sex and marriage is clearly pivotal to this bargain and traditional marriage is the pivot upon which true gender balance rests.

Feminists, in their spite and eagerness to destroy the patriarchy which runs on marriage, have been demolishing this institution. All patriarchies are established on the principle of marriage and all matriarchies are established in the absence of traditional marriage. All patriarchies are advanced societies and all matriarchies are declining and primitive societies. To discover that you live in a matriarchy is the equivalent of discovering that your society has cancer. Once you have accepted this diagnosis and prognosis, you will know what the cure must logically and necessarily be: to surgically remove feminism from every major organ of the state.

Alison Saunders the Directrix of Public Prosecutions who presides over the English court system presides over a major organ of the state purporting to dispense criminal justice for victims (genuine and alleged) and perpetrators (genuine and alleged). Her campaign to increase the number of convictions against men accused of rape suggests that she does not much care whether they are in fact guilty or not. In a patriarchy every woman is potentially a slut to be shamed if she has extramarital sex. In a matriarchy every man is a potential rapist if he has sex with a slut who regrets giving him the impression that she consented to sex. A woman is most likely to regret having had sex with a beta male.

All men are lower than sluts in a matriarchy. In a patriarchy, however, beta males choose an alpha male to protect their interests. An alpha male would not hesitate to denounce a slut in the same way that the lower orders these days happily denounce each other as racists and paedophiles.  In a matriarchy all men including the putative alpha male such as the British Prime Minister and US President are afraid to offend sluts because they all have the vote.

Even if you were female, do you not finding it deeply shaming that all the men in your society are in fact lower than sluts and indeed the slaves of sluts?

Beta males are the ones whose interests are most damaged by feminism in a matriarchy. Why should we protect the beta male? Because they do all the work of labouring and soldiering, protecting and providing. What happens if they are so demoralised they withdraw their labour? Then your society will decline and fall, to be invaded and conquered by those who run their society along rational and patriarchal lines. When the enemy invades, men will be killed, captured, enslaved and sold together with the women. If you wish to avoid this, then you must support the patriarchy by supporting the principle of traditional marriage which implicitly excludes gay marriage. This would mean forbidding extramarital sex in all its heterosexual and homosexual varieties.

"Is all this really necessary?" I hear you all ask yourselves. Yes, it  is. If the problem is not addressed it will only get worse, and if it is bad enough then the sluts and socialists - the internal enemies of every society - will eventually take over, and, when they have finally exhausted all the resources of society, our external enemies will invade.

Is this really so hard to see and imagine?

Remember: WW3 was declared on 9/11. 


Mark Still News said...

Have you ever had sex with a man, as I have not?

Mark Still News said...

Right wing cobblers

Claire Khaw said...

What makes you think I am a virgin?