Thursday, 19 March 2015

Marriage is eugenic, bastardy dysgenic

Pat Buchanan:

"A good politician must defend the moral order rooted in the Old and New Testament and Natural Law — the deepest problems in our society are not economic or political, but moral."

Judaism = Thesis

Christianity = Antithesis

Islam = Synthesis

Don't get mad, get Hegel.

Joseph Sobran:

"Even the Pope can’t change the nature of marriage. It existed, by necessity of human nature, long before Jesus or even Abraham. This has nothing to do with mere disapproval of sodomy. Even societies that were indifferent to sodomy saw no reason to treat same-sex domestic partners as marriages. Why not? Because such unions don’t produce children. To put it as unromantically as possible, people who have children should be stuck with each other, sharing the responsibility."

Allan C. Carlson:

“Happiness comes through natural family bonds and that the future of any nation shall be by way of the family; a man and a woman living in a socially sanctioned bond called marriage for the purposes of propagating and rearing children, sharing intimacy and resources, and conserving lineage, property, and tradition.”

Samuel T. Francis:

“[Conservatism is] the survival and enhancement of a particular people and its institutionalized cultural expressions.”

“The lesson of four thousand years of social history is that sexual behavior, consensual or not, has consequences for others, that it often affects (and hurts) others in ways society needs to control, and that unregulated sex renders social bonds, especially in the family but also beyond it, impossible. We can regulate it through law or through socially enforced moral custom or both, but we have to do it somehow. History knows of no human society that has not regulated sexual behavior and forbidden some kinds of it, nor is there any reason known to social science to suppose that a society that fails to do so is possible. A "society" that makes no distinction between sex within marriage and sex outside it, that does not distinguish morally and socially between continence and debauchery, normality and perversion, love and lust, is not really a society but merely the chaos of a perpetual orgy. It is an invitation to just such an orgy that the proponents of normalized and unrestricted homosexuality invite America.”

Conservatism is social conservatism, social conservatism means supporting marriage, and supporting marriage means FORBIDDING EXTRAMARITAL SEX as all the Abrahamic faiths do.

When you think about it, marriage is the foundation of Western civilisation, and indeed any civilisation.

Don't let the sluts trash it.

Once established politicians propose slut-shaming, then we will finally start saying no to  the tsunami of sluts and feminazis who are about to engulf Western civilisaiton.

If we won't do it, then ISIS will.

  1. A bastard is already half full of stupid slut genes.
  2. All sluts are stupid for being pumped and dumped or thinking they could go it alone being single mothers.
  3. Stupid women have low standards of morality and don't think much about abstract concepts such as morality.
  4. Stupid sluts are more likely to choose their sex partners badly, eg because some bad boy with a large sex organ who makes their pussies tingle rather than looking for a man who will prove to be a good husband and father. 
  5. Stupid sluts came from bad parents and/or were singly parented by their slut mother who has low intelligence and low standards who casually conceived her bastard offspring with an unsuitable man or a range of unsuitable men. This is now standard practice amongst the welfare class. Why would any rational society tolerate this? The pornocracy is neither rational nor sane, of course. It is demented and the men are too afraid to protest against this dementia because they are either obsessed about getting slut sex or are too afraid of sluts to say anything.
  6. Stupid slut obsessed with cock + bad boy obsessed with pussy and pumping and dumping sluts = feckless vicious criminal gangster bastard. It's all in the blood and the breeding. Both Nature and Nurture are already against the bastard.
  7. Slut Single Mothers (SSMs) are a cancer of society, multiplying and out of control.
  8. Slut Single Mothers for all the above reasons are likely to be bad parents.
  9. Even the US President - supposedly the world's most powerful man - is afraid of sluts, because they all have the vote. 
  10. Ann Coulter is right - sluts are libtard and always vote for more public spending.
  11. Which part of the Tytler Cycle are we in?
  12. Sluts make less rational reproductive choices than lower animals.
  13. If the US President himself is too afraid to criticise sluts, then all Western men are lower than sluts. Quite a thought, eh, guys?
  14. Forget all the beheading videos ISIS keep posting for the viewing of the West it wishes to terrorise, think what ISIS will do with the points made above that the US President is afraid of sluts.  THINK ABOUT IT. Western government would be the laughing stock of the world and a warning to others thinking of trotting down the tracks of representative democracy. If you want to stop sluts from voting it is time to say NO REPRESENTATION WITHOUT TAXATION to disenfranchise parasitical slut welfare mums and their variously-fathered feral bastards.
  15. Destroy the Five Pillars of Feminism: (a) no fault divorce (b) anti-discrimination legislation (c) tolerating extramarital sex and its evil consequences of crime and degeneracy (d) co-educational secondary schools (e) the welfare state. BLOW THEM THE FUCK UP.

Even libtards draw the line at paedophilia, though we have to bear in mind that senior members of the Labour Party - mostly female - did not.

The Left would lower standards of morality because it costs nothing to do so to buy votes and makes people feel good, in the short term, and also because they know it annoys social conservatives.


Carol Schneider said...

This essay is very poorly expresses-quite vulagar and I don't get why. Couldn't this be stated with lots of emphasis without the vulgarity?

Claire Khaw said...

Please give me the link to someone you think has expressed it better.