Sunday, 1 March 2015

Out of the ashes of Christianity will arise the phoenix of Islam in the form of Secular Koranism

In terms of religious observance:

Secular Koranism < Islam < Judaism

Secular Koranism requires no religious observance at all only that citizens living under a government operating under the principles of Secular Koranism obey the law.

Why do I not mention Christianity? Because all Christianity requires is that you spend your life making yourself believe or pretending to believe in the absurdity that Christ is also God, because the deal if you are Christian is that only Christians believe Christ is God, and only Christians go to heaven.

These days the Archbishop of Canterbury himself is so theologically ignorant that even he does not know he is supposed to believe in the Doctrine of the Trinity as he wittered on about sometimes doubting the existence of God though he is sure that Christ did really exist.

What is the point of having an Archbishop of Canterbury who is not even Christian?

If you have been a bad Christian and committed innumerable sins, then all you have to do is pay for a priest to have the last rites administered to you as you confess your sins and express remorse on your deathbed.

This is the reason why Christianity and Hypocrisy are said to go hand in hand.

It is not surprising therefore that such a corrupt religion - kept alive only by a corruptible and invariably corrupt clergy who are these days only interested in doing deals with PC Liberal governments rather than maintaining morality - has failed.

Islam entrusts the maintenance of morality to the rule of law under Koranic principles, which is a much more reliable way of maintaining morality.

If you think Christianity is now indistinguishable from being PC Liberalism there is a reason, and the reason was that the Church of England was created precisely because Henry VIII wanted the Church of England to be a creature of the state and HIS particular creature the better to do his bidding.

But never mind. Out of the ashes of Christianity will arise the phoenix of Islam in the form of Secular Koranism.

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